Donald Uitvlugt


Last Temptation
by Wylie Kinson
"Which is worse, the pleasure of Hell or the pain of Heaven?"
Posted May 22, 2011

Cameron McKay (Cam to his friends) is a veteran with nothing to live for. He's no longer in the army. His wife has left him. He's all alone, so he puts his affairs in order and jumps off a bridge. His life puts him in a middle land Read more...

by India Masters
"When Captain Alena Hyde is captured by an alien, she's not sure she wants to be rescued."
Posted September 17, 2011

Captain Alena Hyde is on a mission of mercy to Serak V when a solar storm forces her ship to make a crash landing on the planet. The survivors of the plague on Serak V have their own ideas on how to repopulate their world. They claim the women of Read more...

The Siren and the Sword
by Cecilia Tan
"Harry Potter in NC17 mode"
Posted May 23, 2011

Harvard was not what Kyle Wadsworth expected. His first day of college, he gets lost and finds a building that few other people can see. He discovers, to everyone's surprise, that he has a hidden but large magical ability, and so he's accepted into Veritas. The hidden university Read more...

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