Reviewer Questions and Answers

Would you like to be a PNR Reviews Staff Reviewer?

Our staff reviewers are strongly encouraged to join the paranormalromance book discussion group. PNR Reviews does not assign books or require a specific number of books be reviewed per month. Review requests will be posted via the PNR Staff list. New reviewers are required to review 10 ebooks before becoming eligible to receive print titles. Due to the volume of requests for ebook reviews vs. print titles, we ask that the reviewer be willing to continue to review ebook titles as well as print. Once a reviewer requests and receives a book for review, a review should be submitted within: 3 weeks for ebooks, 4 weeks for print.

If you are interested in receiving additional information or have any questions, please contact Reviews Editor, Dee Gentle at with
PNR Reviewer Inquiry in the subject line of your query.

Dee Gentle
PNR Reviews Editor
1511 Nevada Ave
Belle Isle, FL 32809 or

Note: Authors are welcome to join the list of PNR reviewers. Email PNR REVIEWS Editor with any concerns or questions:

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