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Thank you for visiting PNR. We hope that member book discussions and reviews will encourage you to enjoy some interesting novels by equally interesting authors.

PNR Reviews are reader-to-reader comments on books read by subscribers on PNR Groups, the book discussion groups or our mentor groups. Member reviews are then placed online for all to enjoy. You may link to our review pages, but we ask that you contact PNR if you wish to quote or copy reviews for any reason.

Our members present their views to share their love of Paranormal Romance as well as particular stories and authors. For searching convenience, reviews have been separated by topic. Reviews can also be found by searching by author, title, or reviewer. P.E.A.R.L distinctions are designated where appropriate to indicate award winning paranormal literature.

PNR members would like to express their sincere appreciation to all the writers of paranormal romance novels and also to their publishers for their continuing support of the sub genre. PNR members believe that paranormal elements add luster to our literature.


For Publishers and Authors:

To request reviews or send books for review, send requests or review material to:

Desiree Gentle
PNR Reviews
1511 Nevada Avenue
Belle Isle, FL 32809

or Send an email to
Desiree Gentle: or

For Readers ~ To Become a Reviewer:

Consumer Reviews

  • ANY PNR GROUP MEMBER MAY POST A REVIEW to the paranormalromance list from their personal reading. These are considered "consumer reviews" and will be posted at the PNR Reviews site under the name PNR Group Member. Credit for the review will appear within the body of the review.
  • Send consumer reviews to the paranormalromance list just as you would any other comment to the group at

Please put: REVIEW: title by author in the subject heading and include a cc to Dee at

Professional Reviews

  • Group Members who wish to receive publisher/author requested titles for review will be considered "professional" PNR reviewers following a trial period as a Consumer Reviewer. Professional reviews will be posted at the PNR Reviews site under the reviewer's name. Professional reviews should be sent to the list as described in the Consumer Reviews section.
  • Non Group members who wish to become professional PNR reviewers see Contact information below. Non member reviews will be posted to the list by the Reviews Editor.
  • We do however strongly encourage all reviewers to interact with the readers discussion group, To join this or other PNR groups see the information provided below.
  • The PNR Staff list has been set up to provide volunteers with up to date information regarding titles available for review.

Review Content

All reviews should contain:

  • Basic Information: Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN-10, EAN-13, release date, page no., format i.e. electronic, print etc., and paranormal category.
  • Synopsis: A summary of the plot - without spoilers please!
  • Objective critique: A critical evaluation of the work, include additional aspects of the work, characterization, pace etc. - may include positive comments and/or opinions regarding areas needing improvement. Keep it objective - remember, other readers may not share your personal likes and dislikes. Your review should allow the reader to form their own opinion based on what you have written. Author bashing is not permitted.


For more information regarding reviewing for PNR, contact Desiree Gentle at Please put PNR Reviews - Attn: Dee in the subject header.

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