"A well-written medical research thriller"

Amoreena Daniels is a brilliant pre-med student needing a scholarship to attend med school so she works extraordinarily hard towards that goal. However, her idyllic world collapses when she learns her beloved mother Geneva suffers from cancer. Worse, Geneva used her small available cash to pay for Amoreena's education, leaving her without health insurance and little hope for the high cost treatment that might save her life.

However, to the rescue is Meechum Corporation's Women's Clinic who pays Amoreena fifty grand to serve as a surrogate mother. Soon her saviors come under suspicion GARGOYLES for illegal medical practices by the once naive Amoreena. Whatever is inside her womb is growing at a humanly impossible rate and feels like it is ripping her up. When she complains, the clinic staff insists nothing is wrong and this is normal. Amoreena rejects the explanations even as she begins to receive weird warnings from female strangers. She vows to learn the truth not yet knowing how dangerous that endeavor is.

GARGOYLES is a well-written medical research thriller that, though it adds nothing new to the genre, will excite readers. The story line is loaded with action as even a person with Amoreena's background is caught up in the questionable activities of Meechum, leaving the audience to wonder about the average individual who gives God-like trust to the profession. There will be no naysayers to Alan Nayes' strong look at the ethics of modern day genetics claiming the betterment of humanity justifies the means.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 19, 2001


by Alan Nayes

August 1, 2001
ISBN #0765300109
384 pages
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