"Danger and Passion await him in Hell, but Walker finds Heaven in Purgatory"

It was a real irony that David Walker had spent his formative years in a town called Purgatory. Of mixed blood, his life had hung between two worlds, neither of which he felt he truly belonged to. His father, a wealthy white man, had used his Indian mother and had cast their child into a home for unwanted children in the very same town where David could observe the man's legitimate offspring enjoy the heritage denied to him. He had learned to hate.

He had learned to love as well. David had been taunted by the other children in the orphanage, which left him with no doubts that he was a misfit. But there had been bright spots. Hannah had been one of them. The waif with her blond hair and big blue eyes had been even more alone than he. He had become her protector, holding her in the night, chasing away her nightmares. His love for her had only grown as they had, but he knew that in their world a relationship between them would never be accepted. It had been difficult for him to watch her grow knowing that he could never have her.

Regan Doyle, a young widow whose elderly husband had left her with no children of her own, had indulged her maternal instincts on the children of the orphanage. She had been especially drawn to the troubled boy and when she remarried the town sheriff, Clayton Walker, David had been adopted. When he'd become a man he'd left Purgatory and his hopeless love behind to discover his other heritage. There with his mother's people he had taken the name Spirit Walker to honor both of his families. Now in his darkest hour he had returned, but knowing that his enemy would head straight for his parents, he had no other option than to turn to Hannah, the only other person he could trust, for aid.

Hannah too had left Purgatory to educate herself and had returned to become the town's new school teacher. She is stunned when a gravely wounded Walker arrives on her doorstep asking her to protect his young nephew, while he goes back to retrieve the boy's mother. History had repeated itself. Walker's full-blooded Comanche half-sister had been claimed by an abusive white man and he would allow his loved ones share the same fate. He'd been right to trust Hannah. Before she'd even recognized him, she'd moved forward to take the child. No sooner had she reached Little Bear, the man had collapsed from his injuries. Without a thought to her reputation, she hauls him inside, puts him to bed, and tends his wounds.

She'd thought this man breathtakingly handsome outside in the dark. In the light of her cabin she knew him for the man whom she had loved for as long as she could remember. Though she hadn't seen him for years, it was very clear that there was still something between the two them, but David's sister was pregnant with her second child and it was urgent that he free her immediately. Once David had gone his young nephew declared that he would not be left behind and Hannah, convinced of the child's sincerity, had no choice but to help him find his wayward uncle. Danger and passion awaited her in Hell, but if she had her way, David Spirit Walker will soon find heaven in Purgatory.

HANNAH'S HALF-BREED is vintage Heidi Betts, and as always there is a bit of humor thrown into the mix. Walker of course is the epitome of an alpha hero, rugged, courageous, do or die. He is a man of intense passion, and he will risk anything for someone he loves. Hannah too is a wonderful character. She casts caution and propriety to the wind show to him what he means to her. The connection between these two is electric. Their penchant for stealing passionate moments at the very peak of danger will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. When the final push comes to shove David will truly now how valued he truly is. For Hannah this is the most challenging and important assignment of her career as she teaches her beloved that in order to be accepted by others, he must first learn to accept himself. I fell in love with these two characters as children in WALKER'S WIDOW, the first book of the Purgatory series, had hoped for their story, and couldn't wait for to read it when it was released. I highly recommend the entire Purgatory trilogy which also includes CALLIE'S CONVICT.

Leslie Tramposch - Copyright 2003
For PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 11, 2003



The road to Hell might be paved with good intentions, but David Walker knew the trail to Purgatory, Texas, was lined with nothing but trouble. Wounded and in desperate need of help, he had survived the treacherous journey to reach the blue-eyed, blond-haired girl of his memories. And in Hannah's arms he discovered Heaven. But torn between the white man's world and his Indian heritage, David wondered if he'd been saved or damned.


The man who called himself Spirit Walker bore little resemblance to the boy who had comforted Hannah during her darkest hours at the orphanage. There was nothing safe about the powerful half-breed who needed her assistance. Still, the schoolteacher would risk everything--her reputation, her heart, her life--to save him, for she recognized a childhood bond had blossomed into a love strong enough to overcome any challenge.


Hannah's Half-Breed
(Purgatory, Book 3)
by Heidi Betts

Leisure Books
January 1, 2003
ISBN #0843950730
EAN #9780843950731
352 pages
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