"Good and Evil battle in conflict for power of Magical Stones"

Once again Angelique Armae, author of COME THE NIGHT, engages good against evil in this stunning novella.

1778 = McNamara's Tavern -- Northkill, New York

The irony of his dire situation is not lost on Hugh, dubbed the Unconquerable McNamara. The immortal high witch was facing death at the hands of his elder half-brother, Alex Caldwell, a warlock of tremendous dark powers. Alex had hated Hugh from birth, for the goodness of his soul and the competition he presented for the inheritance of the ancient Ogham Stones, a sacred Irish script.

Unlike most inheritances, birth order didn't factor into claiming the stones. Instead a blessing from a daughter of Danu must be obtained. Julia, Hugh's beloved fairy witch, had been instrumental in his downfall. She had not betrayed him as was indicated by Alex's symbol of ownership worn around her neck. Her mistake had been taunting Alex with the fact that her blessing would be bestowed upon his brother. In doing so she had broken a covenant that stated that the blessing only be spoken of in the giving. She had become powerless, easy prey for the warlock, who had immediately bound her. Hugh had died believing she'd been unfaithful.

Or had he?

Present Day -- Northkill, New York

Hugh had not died exactly thanks to his grandfather's intercession. He had been trapped in time unable to reenter the mortal realm. The return of parapsychologist Juliann Moss to his restored former home wakes him from centuries old sleep. Hugh vows to have his revenge, but his Julia still tempts him beyond endurance. Julia feels the presence of Hugh's "ghost" immediately. Though she had long since vowed to give up her magic as penance for Hugh's death, there is now hope that she can bring him back by taking his place. To do so she enlists the aid of Samuel Caldwell, the unacknowledged son of the warlock. Sam who resembles his uncle Hugh in both looks and goodness, agrees to help her, but Hugh is not the only one awakened by the Julia's presence. Alex too has returned. Would evil prevail once more?

This story was a testament to the power of love. Victory does not come without sacrifice, but resolution leaves the reader satisfied that justice has prevailed, and with the hope of a future story for the valiant hero found in Sam.

Copyright © 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 6, 2003


Locked in a deadly battle with his evil warlock brother, immortal witch Hugh McNamara sacrifices his own life for the sake of protecting the ancient Irish Ogham Stones—the sacred script of Ireland's legendary hero. Defeated, Hugh is stripped of his immortality and ends up trapped in time as nothing more than a mere ghost. But when his once- beloved Julia returns to the place of his death, Hugh is stirred from a centuries-old sleep and vows to take back that which was once his—life, liberty, and love...

When parapsychologist Juliann Moss purchases an 18th century tavern in upstate New York, she expects to meet with the occasional bump-in-the-night. After all, she is also an immortal Irish Fairy Witch. But after vowing to give up magic centuries ago, being drawn back into the world of ghosts, warlocks, and ancient witchcraft is a bit more than she bargains for...


McNamara's Ghost
by Angelique Armae

Amber Quill Press
October 1, 2002
ISBN #1592790682
EAN #9781592790685
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