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For eight years Michael Finch has searched for his spouse Christine. All this time he had felt she must still be alive or he would know otherwise in his gut, though the private detectives hired by his best friend Jonas Harding fail to find her. He wonders why she ran away so soon after their marriage, but now at least he knows where she died. He is in Farewell on Cape Cod to say his good byes. He enters DewDrop's Candle Shop because Michael remembers Chrissy loved candles, but is shocked when he sees the proprietor, his wife.

Michael leaves two phone messages for Jonas, inadvertently enabling his friend's thugs to find Chrissy. They kidnap her daughter Kayla and demand Chrissy return the three amulets she "stole" from these felons who actually robbed the gems from the natives of St. Caribe. Meanwhile Michael realizes he sired Kayla and begins to understand what his ignorance cost his beloved then and now. Both head to St. Caribe to retrieve their child, but though he still loves her and feels she does likewise, Michael desperately needs to regain her trust.

There are some paranormal elements that mostly surface towards the climax of the novel though a guardian Santa Caribbean Lion who telepathically communicates with the humans throughout the book. Thus, the tale is more of a crime thriller. The story line is action-packed and the support cast provides insight into the likable lead couple or pushes the plot forward. Fans of crime thrillers with some paranormal elements mostly at the end will relish the stimulating THE GUARDIAN OF THE AMULETS.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 10, 2003


The Guardian Of The Amulets
by Jessica S. Andersen

Five Star
March 1, 2003
ISBN #0786247045
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