"This suspenseful Mythological Fantasy will steal your heart!"

I love romances that match alpha heroes with alpha heroines. Whether the couple is in discord or in the throes of passion, the excitement is palpable. THIEF OF OLYMPUS is just such a story.

What woman could be more domineering than an Amazon Warrior Princess who has just come of age? Lysandra, has mixed emotions about her upcoming rites of passage. Her mother, queen of this elite tribe of warriors, has procured a male to get a child on her this night. Like all Amazon women, she has been raised to hate men, to believe them useless for anything but coupling. Still like anyone about to mate for the first time, she is both curious and concerned. Her greatest fear is that she will conceive an inferior male child, for this would displease the goddess Artemis who would expect her to sacrifice the boy. In spite of her upbringing, this is something Lysandra could never do.

The man chosen for her is Zarek, King of Thrace. He is strong, handsome, and belligerent. Lysandra finds herself surprisingly attracted to the man. Although she has every intention of dominating the proceedings, Zarek surprises her. Zarek had spent his childhood in the company of thieves, and had become a master. It took little skill to escape his shackles. He does not escape Lysandra however, in fact he doesn't even try. Instead he reveals the fact that he had allowed himself to be captured. He too needs a strong heir but no spouse, but naturally he wishes for a son. The Amazon princess would suit his needs admirably. Let the games begin!

The conflict comes in when Lysandra births a son, and experiences love for the first time. Word of the birth reaches Zarek, who comes to claim his heir. Though she has no intentions of sacrificing her child, putting their lives in Zarek's hands is an imperfect solution for Lysandra. Zarek only wants the child, however he needs her skills to escape her tribe. Though he intends to harden his heart against her, he too had felt the attraction at their mating. She had haunted his dreams and her devotion to their son touches him. Of course neither of them is about to admit to their feelings. That would show weakness.

Naturally both the Amazon queen and Artemis are furious that Lysandra has refused to sacrifice the child. Working together the lovers might hold the Amazon army at bay, but Artemis is a different story. The goddess's proposal pits the pair against each other once more. The challenge is to secure three priceless items from the gods of Olympus. The winner would have one wish, the loser would bring destruction to their people. Who would prevail, the warrior or the thief who had stolen her heart?

I loved what Ms. Rose did with these two willful, stubborn characters. Each learned to sacrifice and compromise without losing who and what they were to the other. That is what love is all about. The suspense carries the tale to a touching, no holds barred, conclusion. Excellent!

Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 3, 2003


An Amazon

Warrior Lysandra, princess of the Amazon nation will never surrender her heart and future to a mere man. At her coming of age ceremony her mother's chosen for her a king to couple with and sire her child. Now she only hopes for the stronger of the genders - a daughter.

An Infamous Thief

Zarek, King of Thrace, is better known for his past profession - the most infamous thief of all Greece. He needs a son and heir, but not a wife, and decides Lysandra, the princess of the Amazons, will serve him fine.

A Horrific Sacrifice

When the baby is born and must be sacrificed to Artemis, two enemies are suddenly brought together. Lysandra and Zarek are paired against each other to retrieve the lyre of Apollo, a thunderbolt of Zeus and the golden chalice of the wine god, Dionysus in order to secure their baby's fate.

One contestant will win.

One kingdom or tribe will die.

And with promises broken, one baby will perish unless the Thief of Olympus can steal back from the gods the most precious gift of all.


Thief Of Olympus
by Elizabeth Rose

WigWam Publishing (New Leaf Books)
October 1, 2002
ISBN #1930076096
EAN #9781930076099
196 pages
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