"Enthralling time travel romance"

In 1997, the trail Fiona Chanceller has followed in search of her missing cousin Faith Worthington takes her to County Tyrone in Northern Ireland. The experts told her that the dagger she holds that Faith once possessed comes from that region. She quickly learns from an antique shop owner, Seamus Gogarty that the O'Bruiader dagger is indeed from the area. He also informs her that the dagger, which has not been seen in centuries at least in this vicinity, has a legend involving Fey people, and an enchantment allegedly activated by mystic stone circles like that of nearby Beaghmore.

Fiona's search takes a twist when she soon finds herself in mid-seventeenth century Ireland where she learns that Faith is happy with her soul mate, who is a prisoner of the Roundheads. As Fiona tries to help free Miles O'Bruiader, she falls in love with his best friend Ian Maclaren, but can she give up the conveniences of late twentieth century life as her cousin has?

ACROSS A MOONSWEPT MOOR is an exciting time travel romance. The engaging story line works because the heroine struggles with her adjustment to a less technological area and clearly misses the conveniences she is used to having. The return of Faith and Miles (stars of A DOUBLE EDGED BLADE) augments this story as their fate impacts on that of Fiona and Ian. This cleverly crafted tale that uses historical tidbits to describe the setting belongs to the lead couple, especially the 'cake and eat it' heroine who wants her hunk and her twentieth century devices too.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 19, 2001


2002 PRISM AWARD Winner
1st place - TIME TRAVEL


Across A Moonswept Moor
(Time Swept)
by Julie Moffett

Love Spell
August 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524481
368 pages
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