"A sweet romance"

A marriage of convenience becomes a marriage of love... one of my favorite kinds of stories. Trent Kasey has a problem. Well, actually he has two problems, twins, his twenty-two month old niece and nephew, Caitlin and Kyle. His sister died and left him with her babies - and he loves them more than he can say. But love isn't enough, he has a construction company to manage, and the children's natural father is a greedy, manipulative man who wants to fight for custody of the kids... in spite of the fact that he hadn't bothered to marry Trent's sister or ever see his children. All he really wants is control over the small amount of money left in trust for the kids' education.

But a judge might see a concerned father wanting custody of his motherless children, and a confirmed bachelor like Trent can't fight that on his own. What he needs is a wife to stand in as mother in front of the judge, and he has just the woman in mind, his neighbor and dog-trainer, Sarah Goldwyne. Sarah loves children and regrets that she might not be ever able to have any of her own. Given the chance to help Trent out with his nanny problem, she jumps at it, taking care of the twins when he needs to be at meetings with customers. The fact that she's highly attracted to Trent, as he is to her, is a small thing until it turns out that a nanny isn't really what he needs. It's much harder to ignore attraction when a couple is living as husband and wife to fool the courts.

So, the question becomes how long it can take before these folks form a real family out of attraction, need, and a pair of rambunctious children. Sarah's own mother, father, and brothers take a hand, making a point of treating Trent and the twins as permanent members even as Sarah tries to convince them their marriage is temporary, with typical hilarious results. While it would seem that the court battle and the natural father would be the main obstacles to overcome, in reality it is both Sarah and Trent's concern over losing someone they love that keeps them from committing sooner to their relationship. This theme was handled very well, and it was a nice contrast to see how the love of a child is given so easily compared to that of an adult. This was a sweet romance, and there was nothing to make it more than a PG rating.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted December 26, 2002


Thanks to fate and her scaredy-cat dog, Sarah Goldwyne's life is about to change radically. She knows she should be satisfied with her dog training business. Three years ago she learned she could never have children. But she yearns for more.

Trent Tremayne is raising his niece and nephew, but he risks losing them to the father who didn't want them until money was involved. He's having a hard time running his business and caring for the twins. When his attorney suggests he find a wife, Trent takes a look around and finds his sexy new neighbor.

Sarah yearns for a taste of motherhood and caring for the twins will give her that. But will she be able to bear it when the court hearings are over and she and Trent go their separate ways?

Trent can't allow himself to care about Sarah. He's lost every person he ever loved--and loving the twins is frightening enough. So he does his best to keep the building intimacy from overwhelming him. But how much longer can he hold out?


Housebreaking a Husband
(Five Star First Edition Romance Series)
by Lori Soard

Five Star
December 19, 2002
ISBN #0786245786
184 pages
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