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In 1217 England, Bishop Gravant hosts a tournament at Ravenswood Castle in which the winner obtains the hand and property of England's wealthiest heiress. England's King Henry thinks Gravant has rigged the game so the young monarch King Henry assigns his trusted knight Sir Adam Quintin to weed out and halt any seditious acts.

Adam travels to Ravenswood where he meets Joan Swan, keeper of hounds, when she and her animals save his life from a boar. Though she believes she has little choice if she wants to keep her "father" alive and not have herself be used as Gravant's pawn Joan still wonders if she can trust the handsome outsider who stirs her insides like no one has ever done before. Adam thinks he has met the Goddess of the Hunt as he finds himself falling in love with Joan, but questions whether he should trust her with the King's mission.

LORD OF THE HUNT in many ways follows the typical sub-genre fare with Machiavellian betrayals, and regal and churchly power squabbles interfering with two delightful lead characters trying to forge a relationship. However, the twist that freshens up Ann Lawrence's latest thirteenth century romance is the feisty, intrepid heroine who has skills normally left to males. Adam is a delightful hero and Gravant serves as the typical villain, but a strong story line and the two wonderful lead protagonists make for a fine historical romance.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 16, 2003


The Thrill of the Hunt...
Hunter and hunted, lover and beloved, they would come together in a moment as impossible to escape as it was full of ecstasy.


What man does not savor it? Whether the chase was for savage boar, political prize or beautiful heiress, a knight worth his spurs threw himself into it once his blood was up. And if Adam Quintin was to succeed at the secret task given him by the king, he must pursue all three. But never did he imagine he might become the quarry himself--unhorsed by a wild boar, betrayed by political enemies, seduced by a simple maid with no claim to power or position.

As daughter to the keeper of the hounds, Joan Swan was no stranger to the hunt. Like the legendary Diana, she slipped through the moonlit woods with her dogs, her loveliness as irresistible to Adam as the goddess herself.

Hunter and hunted, lover and beloved, they would come together in a moment as impossible to escape as it was full of ecstasy.

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Lord of the Hunt
by Ann Lawrence

Leisure Books
January 1, 2003
ISBN #0843951397
EAN #9780843951394
357 pages
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