"A winning romantic mystery"

In 1897 Scotland Yard detective Inspector Mick Dunbar feels ancient on his thirty-sixth birthday. However, just because he thinks he is old it has nothing to do with him handling a case. When Miss Sophie Haversham informs him that she has seen a murder while lying in bed Mick figures she suffered a nightmare, a birthday gaga gift, or is just a lunatic. Sophie realizes she does not need her power to forecast the future to see he disbelieves her. After she explains and he stops laughing out loud, Mick asks who is this unfortunate future victim? Sophia responds "you" and warns him to stay away from Victoria Embankment Gardens.

Mick changes his mind somewhat when an unknown assailant takes a shot at him while he crosses the Victoria Embankment Gardens. He blames Sophie for the attempt and begins to investigate her including her Aunt Violet whose house is where she lives. However, as Mick makes inquiries his skepticism begins to change into a belief that the woman he now loves has psychic powers even as he fears for her safety

NOT SO INNOCENT is a delightful late Victorian paranormal police procedural romance that readers from both genres will enjoy. The story line absorbs the full attention of the audience as the doubting Mick and the sexy seer make a dynamic team. The investigation into a cop's murder is cleverly designed to entertain mystery fans while furthering the relationship between the lead couple. Hopefully Laura Lee Guhrke provides sequels starring Mick the private investigator and his wife Sophie the psychic assistant.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 10, 2002


In this wonderfully captivating and sensual page-turner from award-winner Laura Lee Guhrke, a woman who "foresees" a crime and tries to prevent it finds white-hot passion with a sexy, skeptical Scotland Yard inspector.

Sophie Haversham would give anything not to have the gift of foresight. After all, her "talent" has already cost her one fiancÚ. And reporting a crime that hasn't happened yet is no easy task -- especially when the future victim turns out to be the tough, devastatingly attractive policeman handling the case.

Inspector Mick Dunbar doesn't believe in visions, and he's convinced that Sophie is actually shielding a would-be murderer. Only when Sophie's life is in danger does Mick realize he has fallen in love with this beautiful, courageous woman who can see into his very mind and heart -- but will the knowledge come too late to save her?


Not So Innocent
by Laura Lee Guhrke

Pocket Books
November 1, 2002
ISBN #0671023691
EAN #9780671023690
384 pages
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