"Warm, Witty, and Wonderful"

NJRW Golden Leaf Award recipient, Barbara Sheridan. fashions another winner with warmth, wit, and passion! Readers cannot help but empathize with her wholly realistic characters. This is a thoroughly magical tale of timeless love.

New Orleans 1797

"How does one go on living?" Alain Devereaux asks himself. His heart has been torn out of his chest. Against all odds he had expected all his dreams to come true this day, to have cruel fate take them away from him. His beloved had been run down in the street before the church in which they were to wed, running to his arms. Instead she died in them. He will never be happy again; his only thought to join her for all eternity. Madame Odette has a proposition for him; though it is not without risk. She believes the two were meant to be, if not in this life then in the next, at a time when Brigette's spirit would be reborn into another. Alain must to succumb to unnatural sleep, to reawaken when she is of age to wed. He will have 30 days to find her and make her love him. Madame Odette's descendants will carefully guard him through the ages until that fateful day arrives.

Louisiana - Present Day

Danielle Curtis wouldn't mind putting Alain out of his misery for all the misery her "inheritance" has gotten her - the destruction of her parent's marriage, the demise of her Olympic dreams, the defection of her fiance', all because of her responsibility to HIM. She breaks through the protective barrier surrounding sleeping handsome, intent on giving him a taste of his own medicine. Suddenly she detects movement! In thirty days, one way or another, this odious guardianship will be behind her.

Alain awakens, bewildered by this changed world, impatient to find Brigette. Dani acclimates him to the current time period and devises ways to discover Alain's reincarnated bride-to- be. Suddenly, Brigette's image flashes before Alain on that mysterious flashing box in the living room. The woman is a famous actress. Alain must find a way to meet her. He is sure the rest will follow, but Dani is finding her task difficult to discharge. Is she falling for the man herself? Disaster! If they fail, Alain will cease to exist.

Making the actress fall for the sexy hunk isn't difficult, but he has a nagging feeling that something vital is missing. Perhaps life in this time is not for him or is there something else?

Reader will enjoy a taste of Wiccan culture, Dani's other inheritance, as well as her eccentric friend McKenna, and a mysterious street artist who aid the pair in fulfilling their quest. The tale has a fairy tale ending, but the path leading up to it will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last moment. Enjoy the adventure of a handsome Creole who learns to "see" with his heart.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 9, 2001


In New Orleans, 1797, a beautiful bride dies before reaching the altar, and her lover, Alain Devereaux, vows to do anything to be with her again--even if it means drinking a sorceress's potion to put him in an indefinite sleep...until the year 2000.

NJRW Golden Leaf Winner: Best First Book


Silver Rain
by Barbara Sheridan

Jove Pubns
May 1, 2000
Available: May 1, 2000
ISBN #051512804X
EAN #9780515128048
321 pages
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