"Delightfully refreshing vampire romance"

The Directorate is the organization that decides the rules and regulations for vampire behavior. If a vampire disobeys them, he can be sanctioned with the ultimate punishment of the True Death. Revelin Scott is the chief enforcer of the Directorate and his latest assignment sends him to Baton Rouge. A group of rogue vampires is flouting the rules by creating aberrations, humans forced to take vampire blood and become slaves to the vampire they drink from.

Revelin must destroy all the vampires and he is forced to accept the help of the mortal woman Deni Geron, whose brother was killed by the rogues. When they arrive at their destination, Revelin, with the help of Deni, is able to infiltrate the group, but he finds he is unable to kill the head of the group. Again, he must depend on Deni to help him but if she fails, they will both die.

Revelin Scott was chosen for this job for his supposed immunity to the charms of mortal women yet it is Deni's love for him that will be his salvation. Their co- dependence in the work arena spills over into their personal lives forming a bond that is necessary for the story line to work. IMMORTAL IMAGE is a delightfully refreshing vampire romance that will satisfy any one interested in the nosferatu.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 9, 2002


The Directress Nikolena needs a spy. An illegal secret society of vampires has sprung up in Baton Rouge and is creating a small army of "aberrations," creatures that are half-human, half-vampire, and highly susceptible to the will of their masters. Led by Vangeline, a mysterious female reputed to possess great power, this society is a threat not only to the human world, but the hierarchy as well. Nikolena's past enforcier fell victim to l'amour. Needing someone who is immune to feminine wiles, she turns to her favorite new enforcer, whose motto is "no one goes Scott-free."

Revelin Scott is normally pretty easygoing. Even the snide comments of his coworkers that he's nothing but Nikolena's "new dog" don't faze the new enforcier. But when Rev is instructed to dye his hair, change his name, and go undercover, he fears the worst. When he's saddled with a young woman whose brother was one of Vangeline's aberrations, Rev knows the case will be bad. Denice Geron has information he'll need to infiltrate the society, but her disrespect and defiance test his patience to the limit.


Immortal Image
(Image: Book 4)
by Jaye Roycraft

Imajinn Books
January 1, 2003
Available: November 7, 2006
ISBN #1893896838
EAN #9781893896833
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