"A Faery Fantasy that will sing to your heart!"

Nic Stone had left the faery realm behind a quarter of a century ago when he had found his soul mate, a mortal woman named Anna. He'd fallen for her at first sight, and his love for her had been so deep that he could not bear to lose her. Though he knew that Titania, Queen of the Fae, hated mortals, he made a plea for immortality for his beloved wife. Much to his surprise, Titania agreed with one condition, or so he thought. Nic had become a renowned painter in the mortal realm. It was a talent that did not require his magic. Titania would grant Anna everlasting life, for the price of a portrait of herself.

Nic should have known it couldn't be so easy. When he returned home, he found his beloved Anna dying. Titania had neglected to tell him that to become an immortal, his dearest Anna would have to die and be reborn. Naturally she would have no memory of their time together. He would have to find her and win her heart all over again. Though it broke Nic's heart, there was little he could do, but paint the portrait and hope for the best.

It had taken him twenty five years to paint the portrait to Titania's liking, enough time for his Anna to be reborn and to have become a grown woman. The time had come to find her and win her heart anew. He was certain he'd found her. It had happened suddenly and quite by accident when he had seen a famous young pop singer on television. Dianna Fielding was the spitting image of his wife. Anna had loved to sing.

He had arrived at Dianna's home under the cover of darkness. Her vast estate was sprawled with gardens, a sight which brought tears to his eyes. His Anna had loved to garden. Using his senses alone, he made his way to her bedroom and bestowed his kiss upon her lips. It felt like coming home. He couldn't resist touching her. Surely she would recognize his touch. But, no, something isn't right. The woman's hair was short and curly, not long and straight as was Anna's. This was not Dianna Fielding, as a punch to the jaw quickly demonstrates before he can zap himself away.

Nic isn't about to give up. The next morning he arrives through the front door. He is greeted, he assumes, by the woman he'd kissed the evening before. Stacy Fielding, Dianna's older sister and manager, assumes that Nic is an applicant for a gardener's position. Stacy is always a bit suspicious of new employees. People were always trying to exploit her famous sister, but with the aid of some Pillywiggins, Nic proves to be more than competent. Now that he'd gotten close to Dianna, winning her should be a snap. Wrong. Dianna is already in love, engaged to be married in fact, and Nic can't shake his attraction to Stacy. Dianna doesn't share many of Anna's loves, but does have a fondness for Nic's paintings, which she has been collecting ever since she'd discovered the one he'd painted of Anna. It was a remarkable likeness. When Dianna brings home his portrait of Titania however, he knows something's is up. This time he's right. Apparently there's another catch to contend with. Should he declare his love to the wrong woman, all bets were off. Nic would have to return to the magical realm as Titania's slave. He knew he would have to enlist Stacy's help if he was to win Dianna now, but could he resist her own assault upon his senses? Titania had definitely cast a spell upon him, but was it the spell he thought it was? Stacy had lost her heart to Nic, but loved him enough to help him find happiness with her sister. Should he listen to his heart or to his head?

The plot of CUPID'S MELODY reminded me of another of my favorite Magical Love titles, SILVER RAIN by Barbara Sheridan. Of course Karen Fox has her own unique style, and those who have read her previous Fae tales, PRINCE OF CHARMING and BUTTERCUP BABY will no doubt be delighted with the newest offering. Titania is up to her old tricks, throwing every obstacle conceivable at poor Nic, often with hilarious results. Who knew how much mischief pixies could make? Nic is a delightful hero, more than handsome, sexy, and talented, he has heart. Stacy has her own special appeal. Though not as beautiful, or as talented as her sister, she has far more depth and warmth. The reader is sure to fall in love with them as I did. More to come, as Ms. Fox has promised a new magical romance featuring two children we are well familiar with -- Rose, the faery daughter of Rand and Ariel Thayer (BUTTERCUP BABY) and Brandon, the mortal son of Robin and Kate Goodfellow (PRINCE OF CHARMING). What fun! I can't wait.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 9, 2002


Nic's search to find his reincarnated wife leads him to sisters, Dianna and Stacy. All he has to do is convince Diana, the spitting image of his long-lost Anna, to love him again. Easy for a sexy faery.

Except that Stacy is the one he keeps kissing.

Faery Nic Stone had no idea he was about to make the mistake of his eternal life when he asked the Queen of the Fae to grant immortality to his beautiful bride, Anna. To become immortal, he discovered only too late, Anna first had to die and then be reborn...

It has taken twenty-five years for Nic to re-enter the mortal world to search for his lost love, but he is convinced that he has finally found her. After all, Dianna Fielding is the spitting image of his wife. Masquerading as her gardener, he vows to seduce her heart all over again. But why is it her sister, Stacy, who makes him ache with that all-too-familiar longing? Either someone has cast a spell on him, or Nic is falling in love with the wrong woman. If he follows the stirrings of his heart, will he find true love--or will his beloved be lost to him forever?


Cupid's Melody
(Fae Romance: Book 3)
by Karen Fox

Jove (Magical Love)
January 1, 2003
ISBN #0515134910
EAN #9780515134919
272 pages
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