"A lusty and entertaining read."

Edwina Johnson is a Ph.D. biochemist on the verge of fulfilling her dream of opening a small gardening shop. But this shop is not her only dream. Every night, for the past twenty-five years she's dreamed of a man, Klaus von Bruner, a German dream lover who comes to her and fulfills all her erotic fantasies. Edwina is still a virgin... no normal man could compare to Klaus. When he walks into her shop on the eve of her opening, it is lust at first sight and the pair can barely keep their hands off each other.

But Edwina has had twenty-five years to practice self- control... and Klaus a good deal longer than that as we eventually find out. So this pair engages in a series of encounters that stress every bit of patience they have until it is clear that lust is only a part of what they share. Klaus's original plan was to induce Edwina into developing a treatment for a "condition" he has, and she, in turn is interested in what can be done to make it possible for him to walk in the sunlight and avoid frequent transfusions. Yes, Klaus is a modern-day vampire, complete with sensitivity to the sun, extreme longevity, and a need for blood. But even though he wishes her help, he soon realizes that she is the woman he desires above all others, and would keep with him through eternity, the woman to bear his children, to be his wife.

Meanwhile, Edwina's resident ghost makes frequent appearances to warn her away from Klaus, leading to my favorite recurring line in the book "Go away, Catherine." I found the ghost's frequent interruptions rather irritating. Catherine kept claiming that Klaus was evil... although it didn't seem like he was... and that she worked for "the Master," but Klaus was a good Catholic, with his own chapel since otherwise he could only attend midnight mass twice a year. Even his priest was a vampire.

On the other hand, Edwina's family was a lot of fun, with a large number of uncles, aunts, cousins, and a martinet of a Grandmother, controlling everyone, but with a loving hand.

This book being "romantica," the sex scenes were plentiful, imaginative and reasonably detailed, although the usual vampire blood exchanges that we normally see in an erotic vampire book were missing. Only normal sex for Klaus it seems, and the book is rated a hard R rather than NC-17. The evolution of Catherine overcoming her concerns about Klaus was well done, and there were some very nice twists to the standard vampire lore story. This was a lusty, enjoyable, and entertaining read.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted December 7, 2002


Are they dreams or visions of the future?

Edwina first dreamed of Klaus von Bruner when she was only ten years old. Since then, not a night has passed by that visions of him haven't haunted her. She has compared every man she's ever known to Klaus, all of them suffering by comparison. The passion she shares with her dream lover frightens her as much as it draws her to him.

Now, many years after her first dream, Klaus has made himself known to Edwina. Who is he, really? WHAT is he? Clearly he wants something from her... something more than the passion shared in dreams.


Dream Lover
by Cassie Walder

Ellora's Cave
September 11, 2002
ISBN #184360227X
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