"A Spiritual werewolf romance, a tale of love and self acceptance"

For three long years Jason Donavan has been slave to the call of the moon, ever since he and his brother Rick were attacked by a she-wolf while hunting in the Canadian wilderness. Each month when the moon became full he experienced a painful transformation, and emerged at the end of each cycle never knowing what he might have done. Clinging to the belief that they can be cured, Jason has searched the wilderness in hopes of finding the werewolf, to destroy her and set them free.

Overcome with the loneliness of his quest, Jason finds himself in town. Due to his unkempt appearance no one questions him, until he reaches the seedy red light district. In general Jason is not impressed with the flashy merchandise, but then his heightened senses hone in on a quiet beauty secluded in the shadows. The appeal is instant, but before he can act upon his impulse, he is propositioned by a more brazen lady of the evening. What an understatement, more like creature of the night!

She persists even when Jason insists he has no money to spend. Cornering him in an alley, she transforms into a hideous wolf-beast and attacks. Horrified at the prospect that he might be just like her, Jason is slow to defend himself. Aid comes from an unlikely source, the young woman who had attracted him on the street, with knives flashing. The odds go against them when the prostitute's pimp joins the fray, a werewolf as well. Knowing that the woman can not defend against both creatures, Jason's anger rises and he feels a familiar change come over him. The moon is not full. Jason feels the despair of his humanity slipping away, then the transformation is complete and he knows no more until he awakens in the secluded world of his savior, Tala Songbird.

Tala Songbird holds Jason's fate in her hands. She alone holds the answer to all of his questions. She belongs to a select clan of native Americans who time had forgotten. Due to the special nature of their heritage, they had secluded themselves from the everyday world of modern men, adhering to the ways of a simpler era, keeping their bloodlines pure. Tala had been born with a special gift. She was one of the rare "Chosen Ones" who could sense those who had renounced their humanity, and given up their souls to the beast within. It was her duty to go forth into the world and destroy them. Her duty sat heavily upon her. To maintain her powers she must be pure in body, soul, and mind, but her heart wish had always been to be a normal girl, to fall in love and have a family of her own.

She had broken an ancient rule and brought danger to her people by sparing the life of Jason Donovan and bringing the outsider here. Indeed she would have destroyed him without remorse, had he not fought at her side against the two evil ones. He had emerged in pure form, that of a black wolf, and not in the hideous shape of the others. The beast had not yet claimed him, and aware that she owed him another debt as well, she plans to teach him to control the animal within. Like Jason she loves her family. Success with Jason would also allow her to aid her younger sister, an outcast who had followed her yearning for the outside world. First she must face her unyielding older brother, Haidar, leader of her people, a man less likely to allow sentiment to cloud his sense of duty.

Jason does not understand the world he finds himself in, but labors under the hope that Tala's talent will help him find the one who had bitten him and his brother. Though both are aware of the strong attraction between them, they must resist. She has her duty which may force her to kill him at the next full moon, and he has an obligation to his brother, and failing that he could never subject a woman to the life he now lead.

Tala knows far more about the cause of the Donovan brothers' curse than she is able to reveal. I recommend reading "Midnight Serenade", Rick's story, in the AFTER TWILIGHT anthology in advance, to learn her secret and gain a better understanding of the relationship between the beasts and the chosen.

What emerges here is a story about destiny and self acceptance, as Jason struggles to accept his fate while maintaining his humanity, Tala must allow herself to be the woman she was meant to be, in spite of the social pressures that would force her to do otherwise. In many ways this is a lesson in life that many of us will have to face at some time or another. For Jason and Tala, love provides the strength to see their fates through to the end. Destiny works in strange and wonderful ways, and often requires change as Tala's people must learn. Ms. Thompson throws in a final twist and leaves the reader with a chuckle. I think I'd like to see more of Haidar's adjustment to world that Jason opens to them. He would make a wonderful alpha hero. In the meantime, I highly recommend reading this fascinating shape shifter romance.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 6, 2002


Jason Donavon walks in darkness, seeking release from his curse. It has the power to destroy everything—to take his humanity. In a world where he no longer belongs, he feels eyes watching him. Something even more sinister than him stalks the night.

The woman who materializes to save him from the forces of darkness holds answers to the questions he's been afraid to ask. She takes him to her world, to the wilds of the North. Yet in a place where nature rules supreme, Jason knows danger awaits. He will be forced to fight his love for a woman forbidden, and discover whether salvation will come from resisting the seductive light of the moon—or in surrendering to it.


Call Of The Moon
by Ronda Thompson

Love Spell
November 1, 2002
Available: November 1, 2002
ISBN #0505525151
EAN #9780505525154
368 pages
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