"A Vampire Novella packed with action and romance!"

Roger Wannamaker laments his fate of being a watered down vampire. The son of a full vampire and a mortal woman, he is limited by both legacies. Roger is unable to face the daylight, but sleeps in a bed made up with designer sheets rather than a coffin. He cannot eat human fare, nor does he hunt for fresh blood. No, he has it delivered cold in plastic bags once a week. Although he heals quickly, he's never certain if his human frailties will limit his lengthy existence. He can barely leap up to his second story window, let alone fly.

His father had always had a weakness for mortal women, and although Roger had loved his late mother dearly, he still mourned her short existence and swore never to become attached to mortals. No, if he were ever to marry it would be to a woman of full vampiric blood who would strengthen his own weakened variety. Perhaps his own children would live a better life. Living in Upstate New York, he holds a boring job as a web page designer, par for his bland existence. At least it is a job that can be done at night.

One evening when a client he'd planned to meet with online stands him up, Roger decides to investigate some other channels. He soon finds one labeled "Transylvania" of interest. It is a role playing chat room where Roger can be the Vampire King he would have been, if his father hadn't indulged his weaknesses. He calls himself Brakos (his real ancient name) and is most convincing in the role. He even makes a few friends in this safe world little world, but the character who intrigues him most is a woman who has charmed them all. Her entrance dazzles him. Calling herself, Fyre, Queen of the Gypsies, she claims to be a psychic and leaves sunshine in her wake. This is heaven to a man who lives in darkness. Fyre would make a fitting consort indeed.

Out in California, Susan McNulty, Firenza a.k.a. Fyre, intuits that Roger is someone special, a soul mate. Soon the pair are living for private chats, safe and happy in the long distance world, the only place where their love can exist. Fyre soon wants more however, and a business trip to the East Coast might just give them the opportunity to have it, even though Roger had been adamant that a real world meeting would spoil their fantasy. She, on the other hand, has complete faith that her assessment of his character and their connection is true. Can Roger summon the courage to face the woman of his dreams and to watch those dreams shatter when she learns what he is? And should she accept him, could he face losing her to a limited lifespan? Could his father have been right when he said, "It isn't who you love, but how you love"?

I still find myself amazed that Ms. Bleser could pack so much story into a mere one hundred pages. This tale made laugh and cry repeatedly, often on the same page! It is also full of surprises as the author throws Brakos one curve after another, culminating in a delightful ending no one would ever have anticipated. A gripping romance from start to finish, I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 5, 2002


Roger Wannamaker spends his nights brooding over his lost vampire heritage. When he wanders into a role-playing chat room, he can finally become the man he was always meant to be - Brakos, King of the Vampires. But when he meets the woman who would be his queen, can he tell her who he really is, or are they destined to remain online lovers only?


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by Linda Bleser

Treble Heart Books
April 1, 2002
ISBN #193174226X
EAN #9781931742269
100 pages
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