"A Comic Romance that Works Miracles!"

The fairy godmothers are back! With just one Aaronson sibling left to go, Nick is their current project. Nick is a lawyer who doesn't believe in fairytale endings, or fairies for that matter. Oh his parents and siblings seemed blissfully happy, but then lightning can only strike so many times in one family, right? It would take a miracle for Nick to find that kind of happiness. But then Fern, Myrtle, and Blossom, are in the miracle business after all, and they haven't failed a godchild yet. Well almost.

Glory Chambers is a woman who doesn't believe in lawyers. She'd thought she'd been living a fairytale existence. She'd held a power job as a corporate executive, and the type of marriage that came with the job. But the fairytale had ended badly. Her lawyer husband and his lawyer friends had taken her to the cleaners. Fortunately she'd just been handed the opportunity to make a new life for herself. An unknown aunt had left her a diner in Erie, PA. Independence sounded like Glory's idea of heaven just now. Of course she hadn't planned on Fern, Myrtle, or Blossom. Although considering the current state of her inheritance, their help was hard to refuse.

Mildly dissatisfied with his life and the bad taste left by his latest court victory, Nick had taken refuge in his favorite erotic dream, only to find the buxom Parisian beauty in his arms had turned to a strange middle aged woman. She had left him with the warning that this was definitely NOT his dream. He'd have to agree with that! Okay so he wasn't about to look deep enough inside himself to take in her true meaning. He would refuse to even think about it. But as fate would have it, he soon found himself in the new diner 'Glory's Chambers' which had opened across the street from the courthouse. Imagine Nick's shock when the his worst nightmare appears in the flesh. But now there were three strange middle aged ladies who claimed to be his fairy godmothers. Worse yet they had joined the ranks of the women in his determined to provide him with a life partner. And who did they have in mind? None other than the lawyer hating, diner owning, Glory. If he has anything to say about it he would avoid all four of them in the future. Glory has no problem with that. She's sworn never to trust another lawyer as long as she lives. So much for miracles.

So much for best laid plans. Glory's employees find themselves being sued by a disgruntled god daughter. Fiona insists she's owed a happily ever after. Who else can Glory ask to represent them? Who else would not think she was insane? Nick is sure HE must be insane, but finds himself agreeing to take the case. He doesn't even want to look inside to discern the reason for that.

The hearing is bizarre from the start as the mysterious judge who has been assigned to the case has no notion of judicial etiquette. Nick and Glory are in for the trial of their lives. What will be the verdict for the man who doesn't believe in love, and the woman who is relishing her new found independence? Will magic be enough to make a Miracle for Nick? Or will it take something more?

This third book of the Fairy Godmother series is every bit as hilarious as the other two (Mad for Max and Magic for Joy). Ms. Fuhrman's classic sense of humor, engaging characters, and bizarre situations will leave readers rolling in the aisles. I recommend Miracles for Nick for anyone looking for a light and comic romance to brighten an otherwise dreary day. It should work miracles!

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 7, 2001


Lawyer Nick Aaronson doesn't believe in fairies, but they believe in him. Myrtle, Fern and Blossom are back, and they have one last Aaronson to find a mate. Glory Chambers thought she was leading the perfect life until she discovers it was a fairytale. When an aunt leaves her a diner, Glory's ready for a new start. But she unwittingly hires the fairies who are sued. Who do you hire to represent three fairies in a civil suit? Nick Aaronson, of course! Thrown together in the fairy-trial of the century, Glory and Nick draw closer despite their misgivings. Will Myrtle, Fern and Blossom convince Glory and Nick that they can live happily-ever-after, or will they learn that even magic can't guarantee a...Miracle for Nick?


Miracles for Nick
(Fairy Godmothers: Book 3)
by Holly Fuhrmann

September 1, 2001
ISBN #1893896501
EAN #9781893896505
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