"Desireable beginning of werewolf series"

Susan Krinard has again woven a story of two strong unforgettable characters. Joelle Randall has come to Lovell, British Columbia to search for the place where her parents had gone down in a plane crash when she was young. Joelle had journeyed from San Francisco, California to see if she can find anything in the Rocky Mountains herself as the official search and rescue was unable to turn up anything. Can a big town city girl cope with the rugged mountainous terrain on her own without a guide?

Luke Gévaudan walks into the bar and Joelle is instantly fascinated by his wild good looks, however she is warned about the womanizer. As she is in town for one reason and one reason only, she ignores the feelings that he inspires in her. Unfortunately, things don't go well for Joelle. The guide that she has hired and paid for has taken off before she even arrives in Lovell. Desperate she approaches Luke to inquire whether he will be her guide. Luke agrees as he has a secret agenda; he seduction of Joey. But something warns him that she is not like the other women he has known. Reneging on his promise he leaves town and goes back to his cabin in the wilderness. Undaunted Joey goes searching for Luke's cabin. As she follows a trail in the forest, she comes across some of the bar's regulars who have obviously been drinking. Talking reasonably to them doesn't work. She began to feel threatened and she turns and jumps into the lake, hoping to get away. As she swims away she hears yells and snarls. The wolf that she had spotted a few times before is attacking the men who were threatening her. As the wolf chases the men away she comes back to shore shaken but not hurt. Luke finds her and again promises to help her.

As Joelle and Luke head out to find the crash site of her parents, their attraction for each other doesn't diminish. Joey's journey continues to be an interesting and exciting challenge for her. Can this relationship work? Can two such different people learn to live with each other in spite of their differences and their upbringing? As the story unfolds go along with Luke and Joelle and find out if love is enough. Or will the secrets pull them apart irretrievably.

PRINCE OF WOLVES is a wonderful book with great characters. The story line is interesting and the author makes you want to believe the unbelievable. The sexual encounters are nice and occur naturally. The scenery descriptions make you want to visit.

Sophie Murphy © Copyright 2002
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted December 2, 2002


Through with running from the past, Joelle Randall has come to the rugged Canadian Rockies determined to face her pain and begin anew. All she needed was a guide to lead her through the untamed mountain wilderness to the site where her parents' plane had crashed so long ago. But the only guide Joelle could find was Luke Gevaudan, a magnetically attractive loner with the feral grace of a wolf and eyes that glittered with a savage intensity. She couldn't know that Luke was the stuff of legends, one of the last survivors of an ancient race of werewolves... a man whose passion she would not be able to resist--no matter how terrible the price.

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Prince of Wolves
(Val Cache: Book 1)
by Susan Krinard

September 1, 1994
Available: August 1, 1994
ISBN #0553567756
EAN #9780553567755
480 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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