"A werewolf romantic suspense with Native American spiritualism"

Tala Soaringbird is the "Chosen One", a Native American Hunter whose destiny includes destroying werewolves who threaten the tribe. She saves Jason Donavon from a werewolf attack and recognizes a debt she owes him. Although it is against tribal rules, she brings him home with hopes to train him to resist the call of the moon. While she teaches Jason how to control the inner wolf, she finds her feelings are soon out-of-control. To remain the "Chosen One" she must remain pure, but her heart and body do not agree with her destiny.

In Canada 3 years ago, Jason and his brother Rick were bitten by a werewolf. He has been searching for the creature he must kill if he and his brother are to regain normal lives. He has no time for love; so he must resist this attraction to Tala. He will not steal her powers and her heart, but will love change their destiny?

Ms. Thompson explores various social, spiritual and emotional attractions in this developing relationship. Well-written scenes of their growing intimacy add intensity to the other aspects of the story. Jason makes jokes that she cannot understand; Tala's spiritualism and tribal dedication are things he cannot understand; the alpha-male conflict between her brother and Jason are a frustration to Tala as a woman. The danger from the moon, tribe and werewolves bring the imminence of their problems for a tale you won't want to put down.

In this sequel to MIDNIGHT SERENADE (in AFTER TWILIGHT anthology), we meet Rick's brother, Jason and gain a fuller account of the werewolf and those who battle evil. You need not read Rick's story first, but after reading CALL OF THE MOON you will wish the complete tale. There are also several references to Tala's sister which I hope mean there is another story to expand on the secret tribe and a return to those we meet in these stories.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted December 2, 2002


Jason Donavon walks in darkness, seeking release from his curse. It has the power to destroy everything—to take his humanity. In a world where he no longer belongs, he feels eyes watching him. Something even more sinister than him stalks the night.

The woman who materializes to save him from the forces of darkness holds answers to the questions he's been afraid to ask. She takes him to her world, to the wilds of the North. Yet in a place where nature rules supreme, Jason knows danger awaits. He will be forced to fight his love for a woman forbidden, and discover whether salvation will come from resisting the seductive light of the moon—or in surrendering to it.


Call Of The Moon
by Ronda Thompson

Love Spell
November 1, 2002
Available: November 1, 2002
ISBN #0505525151
EAN #9780505525154
368 pages
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