"Terrific action-packed romantic science fiction"

To celebrate graduation from the Intersystem Academy, Princess Ariana persuades her friends to journey to the outpost of the Border Territory. However, instead of fun at the infamous Lodder Vale, Automons, using a strange gas, capture Princess Ariana and her shipmates. Ariana knows her father will come after her with every force the Intersystem can muster even as she is transported to Mining Colony Fifteen. At the slave camp, the men seem identically beaten souls except for one colonist who displays dignity and honor. Ariana begins to fall in love with this slave and together they escape, but he is recaptured.

A decade later, Ariana knows she loves her former slave mate and returns to find him though she believes the colony was destroyed. The nameless slave now using the moniker Damen escaped and has become a pirate. He captures Ariana, but the passion they shared ten years before explodes into a deep love. Nevertheless, each keeps secrets that if revealed will probably end their relationship before it can flourish.

LORD OF THE DARK SUN is a terrific, action-packed romantic science fiction that fans of the author will enjoy while turning on new readers to the talent of Stobie Piel. The story line will appeal to both the romance and alien world audience because the non-earthly environs and species seem real and the star-crossed lovers strengthens that authenticity. Though the pirate spin seems unnecessary with all the outer space adventure already packed in the novel, Ms. Piel spins a solar heated tale that shows she is one of the top cross-genre authors under the WHITE SUN.

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted December 2, 2002


Ariana awakens a captive. Her ship has been disabled and her friends hurt, and she is to blame. She cajoled them into braving the outskirts of space. And now they are to be transported to a non-Intersystem planet where they will be slaves. The world is bleak and shadowy, as are its inhabitants. And though these men are slaves as well, that hardly makes them less dangerous. Yet one rises above the others, and Ariana sees in him nobility. This is a prince in a barbarians body, one who can teach her how to be wild. On this planet with its dark sun, Ariana knows he will help her survive. And she will show him a love that will last through whatever followed.


Lord Of The Dark Sun
by Stobie Piel

Love Spell
December 1, 2002
ISBN #0505525054
EAN #9780505525055
368 pages
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