"Madly Hilarious!"

MAD ABOUT MAX is Holly Fuhrmann's first fantasy romance. It is the also the first of a 3-part fairy godmother series which involves three siblings Max, Joy, and Nick Aaronson. Her previous works include: 'A Snowball's Chance' (Neighborhood Press) and 'This Old Heart' - PG #157, and 'Baby, It's You'- PG #241 (Zebra) as well as numerous short stories. Look for the second book in the series, MAGIC FOR JOY from Imajinn Books in November 2000.

Those of us who are familiar with romance authors are well used to hearing things like, 'I wanted the hero to do this, but he kept insisting that he just WOULDN'T do something like that!' Voices in the head? Now if it were anyone else but a writer, you'd think they were crazy! Crazy is just what romance author Grace MacGuire thinks she has become.

Returning from her publishers office. Grace Not only hears her characters voices, her three fairy godmothers, prominently featured in each of her seven books, are actually sitting beside her in her car. In the flesh! Just when she thought all was right with her world! Grace has just gotten a contract to write a whole new series of the fairy stories. Maybe the stress is getting to her after all.

The fairies aren't convinced that Grace's life is perfect at all. What she needs is her very own Prince Charming. Oh great! The fairies are famous for their bungling. Even though her stories always end Happily Ever After, Grace isn't looking forward to the inevitable mess that's about to take over her life. Worst of all her stepmother, and stepsister, hate her guts and want her money. When word gets out that she's crazy, it's all over.

A visit to a kindly old psychiatrist (purely for character research, of course) is just what the doctor ordered. Grace thinks Artemus M. Aaronson is just the one to fit the bill. She can just picture him. Oops, he's not the fatherly Einstein type she'd expected. He's young, handsome, and unattached. Aha! Prince Charming without a doubt. Grace is resigned to the inevitable. At least if they get married, Max can keep the 'steps' from getting their hands on her money, while she's in the asylum!

What's the old saying? Really crazy people don't believe they're crazy? Max doesn't think Grace is crazy either. He doesn't know why, but he likes her and wants to help her get to the root of her problem. Soon he is every bit as confused as she is. The fairies have PLANS for Max! Maybe, just maybe, Grace does too, if the fairies don't mess things up too badly. Ah, but then we all know how fairytales end.

There are lots of laughs on the way to that end as all sorts of folks get unwittingly drawn into the scheme. The villain is so unbelievably self-absorbed; it's hilarious. This sweet contemporary Cinderella story is typical of Holly Fuhrmann's style. Fans of her previous romances will recognize her fertile imagination and quirky sense of humor, with the added bonus of lighthearted fantasy. As with her other works, Mad About Max is light on sexual content, and I would describe what there is as non- descriptive. Mad for Max could easily find acceptance among the teen readership. An excerpt from the sequel, Magic For Joy, is included in this offering.

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Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 7, 2001


Sanity is only a state of mind...but love is forever!

Author, Grace Macguire, has a small problem with three of her characters, a trio of fairy godmothers. They've come to life! Myrtle, Fern and Blossom promise to make all of Grace's wishes come true, but all she's wishing is that they will go away. Unfortunately, the fairies are here to stay. So Grace is going for some psychiatric assistance to help her with her sudden sanity-impairment.

In his career as a psychiatrist, Dr. Max Aaronson has never had a patient with fairy delusions. At least, not until Grace walks into his office. But when she smiles, he finds he almost believes in magic. Nothing else could explain the effect she has on him.

As the fairies throw Max and Grace into one mishap after another, Grace has a hard time deciding if she's really sanity-impaired or simply...Mad About Max.


Mad About Max
(Fairy Godmothers Series: Book 1)
by Holly Fuhrmann

February 1, 1999
Available: November 3, 2006
ISBN #1893896056
EAN #9781893896055
158 pages
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