"It Shivered Me Timbers"

Part of a jet fighter squadron flying towards the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, experienced Navy pilot Lieutenant Carly Callahan struggled with a nasty storm. Things turn worse when her radar fails and the twin engines of her F018C fighter flame out next. Forced to bail out into the icy Atlantic, Carly soon observes wooden ships in battle. Sir Andrew Spencer and his pirates pluck Carly out of the sea.

Andrew believes he has captured Lady Amanda Paxton, the fiancee of his enemy, the Duke of Westbridge, even if she fails to fit the description he has of her. Carly insists she is a US navy officer, but Andrew rejects her nonsense as gibberish even as he cannot understand who is "O.K." and "Ray Dio". When Carly sees a newspaper dated 1821 and other evidence, she concludes that somehow she landed in the past. As they sail to obtain her ransom, Andrew and Carly fall in love, but the obstinate Adonis not only distrusts that emotion, he cannot accept that she is from a future that allows a woman to fly in combat.

ONCE A PIRATE is an enjoyable time travel romance due to the reactions of the lead characters to one another and their situation as Carly's survival training is tested. Still, the plot belongs to both lead characters, as they struggle with her displacement and their love for one another. Susan Grant casts quite a spell on her audience with this superb debut novel that will have sub genre fans seeking her newer work, the recently released THE STAR KING.

Harriet Klausner /December 2000

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted May 2, 2001


A modern woman
A 19th century rogue
A love transcending time itself

Hurled back in time when her jet crashes, fighter pilot Carly Callahan is rescued by handsome and aristocratic pirate Sir Andrew Spencer -- only to discover she's the loot in a long and bitter feud. When the baffling familiarity they share flares into passion, Carly finds that the only treasure in jeopardy is her heart.

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Once a Pirate
by Susan Grant

Love Spell
February 1, 2000
Available: February 1, 2000
ISBN #0505523647
EAN #9780505523648
320 pages
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