"A fascinating Sci-fi Suspense novel of love, betrayal and possibilities..."

Jordan is a United Airlines pilot in the future trying to provide the best life she can for her six-year-old daughter Roberta whom she lovingly refers to as Boo. This was to be a routine flight that would only take her from her daughter for only a couple of days. Ever since her husband's death she hated to be away from Boo for too long.

On her return flight from Hawaii to the California the 747 is plucked out of the sky and held helpless in a huge cargo bay. Whose cargo bay is it and why have they been taken? This book comes in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy and these thoughts lead our main character to wonder if this is another terrorist attack. Trying to preserve her own sanity and the people of her flight, Jordan finds herself in the role of leader and negotiator. What she didn't count on was whom she would negotiate with not only didn't speak her language but also somehow ignited her passion with just a touch or a familiar gaze.

Kao is a man tormented by his experience as a prisoner of war. A man who has locked himself up tight to protect any and all feeling he might hold. Saved by his father the esteem leader of the ship, Kao sets out to do his father proud and take care of the new refugees. The last thing he anticipates on his routine mission as a negotiator is to find the key to his heart on the other side of the airline door.

Both are reluctant to give into each other for their duty must come first but as time passes each realize they both share an open wound the other can heal; a loss that the other can help to fill. For Jordan has just been told Earth and her daughter Boo are gone.

I found this book to be very well-written, with a plot that kept turning you towards trust and distrust of various characters and kept you guessing what the truth of their situation really was. Amongst all this stress and confusion, the feelings of love and loss that both Kao and Jordan share starts to create a bridge to each other's hearts.

This book was fascinating as it explored the different dynamics of Jordan as a mother, a pilot, a leader, and as a woman. The balance of it all is tenuous but if done right a wonderful chemistry can be built. And Susan Grant has found that chemistry in this novel.

Mindy Lobaugh Copyright 2002
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Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted December 1, 2002


A beautiful co-pilot faces a terrible choice when her plane is hijacked on a late-night flight over the Pacific. Can she trust the dark-eyed stranger who has seized both her plane and her heart?

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by Susan Grant

Love Spell
October 1, 2002
Available: October 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524996
EAN #9780505524997
384 pages
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