"A great regency with some magical elements"

Amanda Barclay was twelve years old when she first met Marcus Hamilton. Marcus came upon her one night when she was trying out a spell given to her by her friend, Lydia. The spell which foretold your future spouse was in progress when Marcus came up behind her. Seeing Marcus's reflection in the river, she wonders if he is her destiny. Eighteen- year-old Marcus tells Amanda that he is staying with Squire Pritchard's son and is wandering around because of insomnia. Amanda, who is interested in the healing arts, gives Marcus a pouch of Chamomile tea to ease his insomnia and he departs.

Sixteen years later, Marcus, now the Fifth Duke of Yarborough, returns to visit the squire's son and brings his six year old half-sister. His sister is a real handful because of the neglect of his selfish step-mother. Marcus needs a governess immediately.

Amanda, who has just returned home after nursing a sick relative, aids an elderly Portuguese woman. The woman gives Amanda a French coin, which she says is magical. Amanda takes the coin but is skeptical about its magical properties.

Amanda and Lydia meet Marcus and the squire's son on their way home. Marcus, on the recommendation of the squire's son, asks Amanda to be his sister's governess. Amanda remembers Marcus and is still drawn to him; so is reluctant. Marcus, who has always remembered Amanda with fondness, tries to convince her. After Amanda meets Marcus's sister, she agrees to become her governess, because she can not turn her back on such a needy child.

THE MAGIC TOKEN is an enchanting take on the Cinderella fairytale, complete with an evil step-mother and fairy godmother. This is a well-researched, well-written story with wonderful characterizations. The duke, who has overcome his abusive childhood, is a great hero and Amanda is a caring and compassionate heroine. There was also a very pleasing secondary romance between the squire's son and the Portuguese woman's granddaughter. THE MAGIC TOKEN was a great regency read, with some magical elements. If you like fairytales, give THE MAGIC TOKEN a try.

Copyright 2002
For & PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted December 1, 2002


When Amanda Barclay receives a magic token as a gift from a stranger, she is more than skeptical about whether this gold coin can change her life. But then the very man who captured her heart years ago suddenly appears. Is it destiny or cruel fate? Does he even remember her? Circumstances obligate her to accept the position he offers as governess, but how can she endure being near a man so beyond her reach?

Marcus Hamilton, Duke of Yarborough, is a man burdened by family and political responsibilities. He does not have the time nor the inclination to dally with women beneath his station. But a chance meeting throws him together with Mandy, the engaging young sprite from his past, causing him to reevaluate his beliefs. For once in his life, the call of love beckons far stronger than the duties and obligations of his position.


The Magic Token
by Susanne Marie Knight

Lionhearted Pub Inc
December 1, 2002
Available: December 6, 2006
ISBN #1573430447
EAN #9781573430449
295 pages
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