"A Fantasy Too Good To Miss"

Claire, Dean, and Austin the talking cat, have checked out of the Elysian Fields Guest House having closed the portal to hell in its basement. Claire has decided that it is time that they part company. She is a Keeper, one who is charged with repairing the holes in the fabric of the universe caused by other's misdeeds. Dean, sweet and gorgeous as he is, is a defenseless Bystander. She had come to care for him during their ordeal. To protect him she realizes that she must send him away, in spite of the fact that Dean, Austin, and her own sister Diana, have argued against it.

Dean already knows his heart, but realizes that he can't force the feelings on Claire. His pride won't allow him to plead. He's been to Hell and back, literally, and she still thinks SHE has to protect HIM. Still she hadn't erased his memories, so there was always hope that she'd come to her senses.

Claire doesn't fare any better without Dean than he does without her. Distracted by her memories, she soon becomes a danger to herself and the universe, mishandling the simplest of summons. It doesn't take long for her to realize that missing Dean is like missing a part of herself. Once reconciled to the inevitable, Claire sets off to find him with characteristic determination.

Back together, the power of their love, combined with the magic of Christmas Eve, and a little meddling by Diana, Claire and Dean create an angel. To balance the existence of the angel, Samuel; a demon, Byleth, springs forth as well. If that weren't enough, the pair had manifested as two anatomically correct teenagers, who haven't a clue how to deal with their hormones, let alone the world in general. To top it off, Claire's teen sister and fellow Keeper, Diana, has appointed herself their protector, opposing Claire's objective to send them back where they came from. Look out world!

Tanya Huff continues the Keeper tradition with a highly entertaining second volume. The reactions of the two teens to their new forms, and to the people they encounter are absolutely hilarious. Austin is, well, Austin, but the single-minded Claire has been turned upside down by the first mission that has personal implications for her. The Second Summoning is a fantasy that is simply too good to miss. Highly recommended for YA and older.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 7, 2001


After closing the portal to hell, Claire and her talking cat, Austin, acquired a new companion--Dean, who was a Bystander and should not have remembered Keepers existed. But with Dean around, and a little of her sister Diana's meddling--the world is heading for Chaos, and Claire is about to face a challenge beyond her wildest imagination. Sequel to "Summon the Keeper".


The Second Summoning
(The Keeper's Chronicles - Volume 2)
by Tanya Huff

Daw Books
March 1, 2001
ISBN #0886779758
EAN #9780886779757
416 pages
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