"Refreshing fantasy romance"

In 1863 Rebecca Lynn Mallory sees the ship sailing away from her and thinks that she is going to drown here in the Irish Sea without ever seeing her beloved again. She prays for a miracle not expecting one even as she wonders how that sudden wave washed her off the deck. Thoughts that her unborn child would die too angers Rebecca as she begins to sink into the sea when suddenly The Radiant One saves her life. Poseidon informs his son Nikodemus and Rebecca that due to his son's interference, in another time and place her descendent must marry Nikodemus.

A hundred years later, Rebecca's descendent Chelsea Porter recovers from a disastrous relationship, vowing to put men on hold. However, her pledge is quickly shredded when Chelsea meets artist Nicolas Demitry. Nicolas knows he has waited forever or since he saved Rebecca for a chance at love, but will his beloved survive the test of his realm?

POSEIDON'S KISS is an exciting refreshing fantasy romance that is at its best when Gail Crease introduces readers to Poseidon's under the sea world. The story line succeeds because the fantasy realm seems authentic as if the author had been there outside her dreams and the lead couple feels darlingly real. Fantasy purists as well as those who delight in a romantic undercoating will relish Ms. Crease's creative novel and demand more trips to the undersea realm.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 24, 2002


Chelsea Porter doesn't believe the old family legend about her great-great-grandmother's miraculous escape from drowning. In fact, Chelsea has always loved the sea and has never been afraid of it. But lately she can't help but feel a strange sense of unease near the water. She tries to ignore these feelings--tucking them neatly away like her great-great-grandmother's diaries in the attic.

Then she meets Nicolas Demitry. Gorgeous, talented, mysterious Nicolas. His remarkable paintings of the sea are as intriguing as the artist himself. In his eyes, Chelsea senses her destiny. In his arms, she feels her fears slip away. But something about Nicolas seems haunted--haunted by a promise made long-ago...and by the love he feels for a mortal woman.

A new Magical Love paranormal romance. A haunting tale of the sea, inspired by beautiful legends of ancient Greek gods.


Poseidon's Kiss
by Gail Crease

Jove (Magical Love)
December 1, 2002
ISBN #0515134163
EAN #9780515134162
304 pages
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