"This genie romance is a dream come true!"

Life had dealt Madeline Winston more than her share of hard knocks. She had become the CEO of her father's corporation upon her graduation from college, but the gift had come at a high price. Both of her parent's had been killed in accident enroute to her commencement ceremony. With no one left but a doting grandmother, and a great uncle who harbored an irrational resentment of her, Maddie had been determined to do her father's memory proud. Unfortunately, fate did not appear to be on her side. Five years later, Winston Design was in a shambles due to what appeared to be industrial sabotage, and her personal life wasn't going any better. Not only had her treacherous ex-fiancé eloped with another woman while still promised to her, but he had managed to leak the story to the press before she could even end their engagement. Her self-esteem was at an all time low and if that was not enough, she was loosing her mind.

How else did one explain the fact that a bottle she'd found on a beach in Key West, where she'd gone to lick her wounds, appeared to house a genie? How did one accept that it had followed her home to New York City, after she'd tossed the thing back into the sea. Her second attempt at disposing of the bottle, down the garbage chute of her building, had had the same result. Tall, well-formed, sinfully handsome, and willing to grant her every wish, Abban ben-Abdullah should have been the answer to her prayers, but no matter how desperate her situation had become, she did NOT believe in slavery. She did feel responsible for his welfare however, and the fact that the poor thing had not been released from his prison for a thousand years would no doubt make things very interesting. The least she could do was provide him with necessities and a means of support.

"Ben" had once been the heir of a powerful and greedy sheik, but a wicked djinn had cursed him to a life of captivity and servitude in punishment for his father's sins. In all his years as a genie, he had never had a master like Maddie. He finds Maddie not only kind of heart, but uniquely beautiful. She had refused to make the wishes that would have solved all her problems. Instead she had given him more freedom than he'd had in a millennium. Ben is amazed by the advances of the twenty-first century, but is a quick study for all that. When Maddie makes him her personal assistant, he pledges to help her get the computer firm back on its feet. Maddie even agrees to allow him to help her as long as no one is any the wiser, and vows to set him free the minute they achieve their goal. It was what he most wanted, wasn't it? Perhaps not, if it meant losing her. Time spent with Maddie had Ben breaking all the rules, ever looking over his shoulder for retribution from the evil djinn who had cursed him. It seemed that he couldn't help himself where Maddie was concerned. Now he had broken the biggest rule of all. He had fallen in love with his master! Could a incredible woman like Maddie ever love one such as him?

Things come to a climax, when Maddie and Ben's success thwarts the villain and his cohorts, who are not about to accept defeat. What I loved was the reality mixed among the fantasy. Ms. McCoy gives us an appealing heroine who is tall and rounded (not the fashion world's answer to the perfect woman), and who is completely unaware of both her inner and outer beauty. Maddie is kind and caring in spite of the fact that she's received so little approval from the those who should have loved her without condition. We also get a hero who is sweet, and sexy, charming and innocent, in spite of the fact that he'd once dreamed of owning his own harem. Ben is adaptable, intelligent, and as loyal as they come. He is willing to lay down his life for the woman he loves. I DREAM OF YOU was chock full of suspense balanced by humor. While I enjoyed the triumph of this pair over the saboteurs, and the fact that Maddie's ex finally realized what he'd lost, I liked the conclusion of their love story best of all. These two deserved their happy ending.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 7, 2002


Very Good Things Come In Small Packages�

Just suppose that everything around you is as difficult as you imagine it can get. Just suppose your business is in trouble, your fiance' has dumped you, and your family is making you nuts.

And then, just suppose you find a bottle on the beach and, suddenly, there is this magnificent-looking man standing in front of you telling you that you can have anything you wish for.

Well, Maddie Winston is certainly entitled to think she's lost her mind. But the fun and games have just begun.


I Dream Of You
by Judi McCoy

April 1, 2001
ISBN #082177140X
EAN #9780821771402
336 pages
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