"Hero ends family curse, when he opens the door to love"

Scottish Highlands 1899

When Cassandra Kinross's father discovered that his eldest daughter was studying to become a witch, his solution was to ship her off to America to become the bride of Colin MacPherson, a man certain to keep the girl in line. Small chance of that! Upon meeting, Cassandra was sure that she would never love the man, and had the gall to tell him so. Colin was certain that he could bend the simple country lass to his will, but as the wedding day approached he became more and more frustrated with his stubborn fiancée. Finally, with the ceremony at hand, Cassandra had shouted down the house, promising to publicly deny the man should he have the nerve to go through with the ceremony. Proud, and unbearably angry, Colin planted her a facer, and shoved her into a third floor closet, where he sealed her in behind a double wall of bricks, leaving her to her fate.

Bold to the end, Cassandra had had the last word. With her last breaths she uttered a curse to be visited upon not only Colin, but every future MacPherson male. They would have no luck with women until she herself should find her own true love. Colin had only seen her one time more. It had been the moment she had realized what she had become. No longer corporeal, she had fallen through the walls that had confined her body. The sight had eventually driven the Colin mad. He had boarded up the lovely Victorian mansion, locking it up in a trust which would prevent its use until a century had passed.

New Jersey - One hundred years later

The day had finally come when Randall MacPherson could inhabit his inheritance. From childhood Rand had coveted his great uncle's stately home. He had snuck into the dilapidated mansion several times as a boy, and had dreamed of the day he could restore it to its former glory and call it his own. At long last he could enter through the front door. Now the president of his own construction firm, he was about to make his dream a reality.

Cassandra is furious that someone has disturbed her peace. It mattered not that the handsome man, intent on violating her space, was the grown-up version of sweet-faced boy who had broken her lonely existence years earlier, She would give no quarter. The house belonged to her, and her alone. Colin had deeded the house to her on the day their wedding would to have taken place. She was not about to share her home with anyone, let alone a MacPherson. Her attempts to frighten Rand away, however, only serve to intrigue him. He was different. Not only could he see her, he could hear her thoughts in his mind, and from every indication it appeared that the man intended to cherish his ghost as much as he did his new home.

When Rand discovers Cassandra's human remains in the upstairs closet he is horrified at the implication that one of his own had murdered her in cold blood. She was unlike any woman he'd ever known, special, and he was determined to make things up to her spirit in anyway that he could.

It did not take Cassandra long to realize that Rand was nothing like his great uncle. She even began to feel guilt that perhaps her hastily spoken curse might have been the reason this attractive man, in the prime of his life, had never found happiness with the woman of his dreams. But as it became apparent that her form was becoming more substantial with passing each day in his presence, she began to wonder if a long last the curse was finally coming to an end. Could Rand be her one true love? Would he ever be able to love her if he learned the entire truth about her past?

I have loved this particular scenario, ever since I read STARDUST OF YESTERDAY by Lynn Kurland more than half a decade ago. Using a ghost as a lead character presents quite a few challenges and is rarely attempted. Ms. McCoy not only rises to the challenge, leading Rand and Cassandra through a labyrinth of emotion and revelation, but leaves the reader with an inspirational, feel good ending that will make them want to read YOU'RE THE ONE again and again.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 7, 2002


New Author

Over a century ago, Cassandra Kinross was killed by a MacPherson. With her dying breath, she cursed him and all his male progeny. Since that time, she's lived in a world of emptiness and longing, waiting for a hero. Enter Rand MacPherson, the new owner of Cassandra's dilapidated Victorian mansion and the great-great nephew of the man who did her in. Can Rand and Cassandra find a way to break the curse of the MacPherson men and each find their one true love?


You're The One
by Judi McCoy

December 1, 2001
ISBN #0821771418
EAN #9780821771419
300 pages
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