"Emotional roller-coaster which will definitely appeal"

Co-pilot of United 58, Jordon Cady just wants to keep her promise to her daughter and come home for their promised vacation. An unexplained storm has the flight turning and then suddenly disappearing. Shock and fear cause the pilot to die from heart failure and Jordan finds herself leader-by-default. Her training and her father's "Courage Laws" are there to guide her in this unexpected role.

The crew and passengers of United 58 believe themselves victims of a terrorist hijacking -- much more believable than being swallowed up by an alien aircraft. Once convinced that they were on an alien ship and were rescued before meteors destroyed Earth, they struggle with their grief and to hold onto as much of their way of life as possible.

An ex-POW, Ko Vantaar-Moray's only life goal is to "clear his foster-father's name" which he believes he darkened while imprisoned. At his foster-father Commander-elite Ilya Moray's request, Ko acts as liaison with the "rescued Earthlings". Kao explains that the recently ended war with Talagarians has placed them on patrol in the area and that the Talagarians are still a destructive force that threaten all with slavery.

CONTACT is an emotional roller-coaster that will definitely appeal to the romantic suspense reader and keep you guessing where the plot twists are leading. Ms. Grant successfully combined contemporary American thought and sci- fi fantasy to make the impossible credible in the not-so- distant future. This story is an excellent example of what is meant by cross-genre writing as it will appeal to romantic suspense readers as well as futuristic romance and science-fiction fantasy readers. You are able to suspend your disbelief and immerse yourself in this compelling story. Captain, it was a pleasure to be along for the ride.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 5, 2002


A beautiful co-pilot faces a terrible choice when her plane is hijacked on a late-night flight over the Pacific. Can she trust the dark-eyed stranger who has seized both her plane and her heart?

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by Susan Grant

Love Spell
October 1, 2002
Available: October 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524996
EAN #9780505524997
384 pages
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