"shapeshifter novel with a twist"

Aspiring novelist Sheridan Phillips' life consists of going to work each day for a tyrannical boss nicknamed the Prince of Darkness and then home to her lonely apartment. One rainy night, a scratching at her window brings her some companionship - - a large black cat with dark blue eyes. Somehow she knows his name is "Nick."

With Nick comes a change in her luck. Each of her stray thoughts is fulfilled, from firewood for her empty wood basket to the sidelining of her nasty boss who has a car accident resulting in broken bones. Then one night she dreams of a dark-haired, blue-eyed lover who makes slow, sensual love to her. Her life seems fuller and things are going smoothly both at work and home.

Sheridan grows to depend on Nick arriving each night. Then one night he fails to appear, and she is frantic. Later when he does arrive, he is limping. He has sprained one of his legs. On the news, Sheridan sees a report that the police are hunting for information about a man seen limping away from the scene of another murder, one in a long line of serial murders which have gone unsolved. The man seemed to disappear and only a black cat was found. Coincidence or not? You'll have to read the story to find out.

STRAY THOUGHTS is a highly enjoyable shapeshifter novel with a twist. Although a little slow in the beginning, cat lovers will enjoy the budding relationship between Sheridan and her "pet" and recognize themselves when Sheridan caters to Nick's finicky habits. Once Sheridan's dream lover appears, the novel heats up and races to the very satisfying solution.

Monette Draper aka Monette Michaels

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted November 4, 2002


Sheridan Phillips has a dead end job, a boss "affectionately" known as the Prince of Darkness, a stack of rejection slips to compliment her would-be writing career, and a serial rapist preying on women in her neighborhood. Life, it seems, can't get much bleaker. One cold winter night, Sheridan takes in a stray cat and names the adorable little guy Nick. She loves the scruffy little thing to distraction but pretty soon things start getting weird... Who is this mysterious creature she's taken into her home, her life, and her bed? Whoever or whatever he is, she only hopes he can save her from the most terrifying danger a woman can face...and bring her the love she so desperately seeks.


Stray Thoughts
by Elizabeth Stewart

Ellora's Cave
July 1, 2002
ISBN #1843600072
157 pages
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