"A fun reincarnation story with entertaining twists and turns"

KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS is an engaging reincarnation story, where a modern day couple is thrown into a situation that somewhat parallels something their predecessors went through. The heroine, Sydney Vaughn, is receiving threatening phone calls, so her somewhat loony Aunt Vera sends security consultant Baldwin D. Lacy (aka Winn) to install a fancy security system in Sydney's isolated farmhouse. When they meet, Sydney is struck by how Winn resembles a man in a dream she's had since childhood, of a woman named Gillian and her knight, Baldric, and their star- crossed love affair.

Sir Baldric, a landless knight, was bringing Gillian to wed her husband, a menacing and probably wife-killing man, Baron Nigel Redmere, in exchange for which Baldric would receive back his family estate. Gillian is concerned that Baron Redmere only wishes an heir and his previous wives died as a result of not giving him one. She seeks to seduce Baldric, giving her a fighting chance of having a child and thus saving her life. Baldric is an honorable man who wishes to avoid the seductive charms of his charge and deliver her to a man he considers almost a foster-father. Over the course of the trip, he falls in love with the fair Gillian and begins to see his master in a new light.

In modern times, Sydney has a suitor, the local sheriff, David Monroe. Sydney had made a deathbed promise to her mother to consider David as a husband for a year -- half of which has past. Sydney already knows she doesn't want to marry David, who is obsessive, violent, and not someone to be trusted. We don't like him long before we know the truth about him. While he thinks Sydney is a bit of a kook, with a love of medieval armament and the color purple, Winn is attracted to her and soon finds himself also dreaming about the long ago lovers, thus making it clear that he and Sydney are their reincarnated souls -- although not quite as one might have expected. There are some fun twists in the story that come out in the end.

As is common with this kind of book, about half of the action takes place in medieval times, and thus has the feel of a historical book. These sections were very well done, the lovers well cast and detailed. Both Baldric and Gillian have good reasons for their actions and their plight feels real. The Baron is a total nasty and we hate him long before we see him.

The modern day sections had a completely different feel to them, and were strikingly contemporary in flavor, an interesting contrast to the rest of the book. The entire forced engagement plot doesn't work all that well, because we know that there is no way someone like David could impose his will on Sydney, in spite of deathbed promises, or the entire town being in his favor. We would hope that eventually Sydney would give David his walking papers, with or without Winn showing up. But clearly David represents a threat to Sydney and Winn, even if his power is weak compared to the Baron in the medieval story. And the climax of the book where all three of them go to a local Renaissance Fair was a lot of fun.

Overall, KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS was a fun read, with entertaining twists and turns, and well worth hunting down.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted November 4, 2002


Haunted by a recurring dream of a desperate knight and maiden, Sydney Vaughn is convinced she is witnessing a past life. As history begins to repeat itself, convincing ex-cop and cynic Winn Lacey that they share the souls of ill-fated medieval lovers becomes a matter of life or death.

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Knight of My Dreams
by C. B. Scott

Imajinn Books
November 15, 2002
ISBN #1893896854
282 pages
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