"thrilling romantic suspense"

Jonathan Brighton, CEO of Guardian, a computer security firm based in Austin, needs a vacation so he decides to go on a retreat to a remote part of Mexico. Along the way two Mexicans stop his vehicle on an isolated road. The thugs assault and shoot Jonathan, leaving him on the roadside to die.

Six months later, FBI Agent Kathleen Cavanaugh goes undercover as a physical therapist assigned to help Jonathan still recovering from his near death injuries. Her real assignment is to observe Jonathan and determine whether he murdered a Guardian employee Derek Miller, who died while Jonathan was on his ill-advised Mexican trip. Shockingly, Katie finds herself attracted to the vulnerable CEO even as she wonders if he is a cold-blooded killer.

MIDNIGHT RAIN is a thrilling romantic suspense that sub- genre fans will appreciate. Especially delightful is the dilemma confronting Katie as she struggles between love and the potential that her beloved is a murderer who had bad luck with his Mexican alibi. Interestingly readers will feel the anguish that Jonathan suffers as he struggles to recover physically and mentally. Though the final twist seems odd and out of left field, Dee Davis delivers a strong tale, as her fans have come to expect from her while sending new readers seeking previous novels from this skilled artist.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 19, 2002


For undercover FBI agent Katie Cavanaugh this was supposed to be a routine job-go in, get the evidence, catch a killer. But from the moment she lays eyes on John Brighton the intense charge in the air between them lets her know that the stakes will be higher this time around. Posing as his physical therapist allows Katie first-hand access to him but she can't let the intimacy of living together cloud her judgment. She will need her instincts sharp if she is going to find him guilty...or prove his innocence.

Left for dead along a deserted highway, John awakes to find himself physically weakened, mentally scarred, and the lead suspect in a murder investigation. The only bright point in his life is Katie, warm and beautiful, she is the one person he thinks he can trust. But as a net of suspicion closes in, and as loyalties divide, John and Katie must work together to unravel the maze of secrets and lies that threaten to keep them apart forever...


Midnight Rain
by Dee Davis

November 26, 2002
ISBN #0804119775
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