"Commander & Queen - a marriage of convenience can reach the heart"

Though a neutral planet, Queen Zara of Nubria refuses to break her pledge of shelter to the survivors of a rebel ship that crashed onto her planet. In hopes of finding the information as well as gaining control of the planet, the Union Council is demanding that she wed one of their Galactic Guard or face war.

Logan was born and raised in the Galactic Guard and now that the rebellion is all but over, he has begun to long for a more peaceful life. A just and honorable man, he wants the rebel threat ended and knows the need for the Union to protect against neighboring Pharmon Empire. He arrives expecting to take control and finds that he has much to learn. He knows little of women and peace and even less of the Nubrian culture and their faith... and he thinks her naïve!

As time goes on both Logan and Queen Zara are finding this marriage of convenience evoking emotions they have never experienced before. Zara recognizes it as love, but how long will it take for Logan to get past his hatred for the rebels to see what is really in his new world?

My favorite type of paranormal is when the heroine and hero have "something more" of a link to each other, and Ms. Waddell designed an intriguing tale where a forced political marriage links a Starship Commander who discounts such beliefs with Queen Zara who understands the ceremony will psychically link her and Logan and the dangers that could bring. With neither trust nor love, their commitment and values forge the initial bonds which will grow and will either destroy them or make their lives extraordinarily fulfilling.

The interplanetary settings are an imaginative selection for the story's background but the soul-deep values and honor even in conflict are those which will reach every readers heart. The writing style as well as the story makes this an extraordinarily fulfilling reading experience for those that enjoy Futuristic romance.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted October 13, 2002


The only female sovereign in the galaxy, Lady Zara is descended from women who can telepathically sense people's emotions. But her gift feels more like a curse as she faces the raw strength of her betrothed—a stranger sent to uncover her secrets, to breach her defenses both as a monarch and a bride. As Commander of the Galactic Guard, Logan has sacked many a stronghold, and the defiant ruler of Nubria will be merely one more conquest. As he schools his new spouse in the ways of passion, though, Logan longs to trust the whispers in the stars that speak of a warrior and a priestess joined by the love that links their very souls.


Whispers in the Stars
by Patricia Waddell

Love Spell
October 1, 2002
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505525224
EAN #9780505525222
320 pages
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