"Strong science fiction romance"

Queen Zara of Nubria wants peace for her agrarian people, but the other worlds that make up the members of the Union Council demand more from the only female ruler in the galaxy. Though neutral in the civil war, the empathic Zara refuses to provide the council with the location of rebel forces that crashed onto her planet because of a pledge she made to the leader. The other planetary representatives decide to gain her cooperation by forcing her to marry one of them or face dire consequences.

While Zara worries what this warrior will do to her culture, Logan and his Galactic Guard retinue approach Nubria. Zara "reads" his mind revealing an honest person with no evil aura, but an expectation to find the rebel leader, who has weakened the Union to the point of vulnerability from the Pharmon Empire. As he falls in love with his Queen and she loves her military husband too, Zara seeks to explain that the rebels are no longer a threat without breaking her vow. By trusting in love Zara believes she can reach Logan to do likewise.

WHISPERS IN THE STARS is a strong science fiction romance that stars two delightful protagonists agonizing between love and a cultural light year gap. The story line provides the audience a deep look at the highly ethical Nubria society and a lesser glimpse at the Galactic Guard regimen. Though the author overwhelming defends the virtues of agricultural worlds as superior to more advanced technological realms, science fiction and romance readers will enjoy Patricia Waddell's deep galaxy tale.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted October 4, 2002


The only female sovereign in the galaxy, Lady Zara is descended from women who can telepathically sense people's emotions. But her gift feels more like a curse as she faces the raw strength of her betrothed—a stranger sent to uncover her secrets, to breach her defenses both as a monarch and a bride. As Commander of the Galactic Guard, Logan has sacked many a stronghold, and the defiant ruler of Nubria will be merely one more conquest. As he schools his new spouse in the ways of passion, though, Logan longs to trust the whispers in the stars that speak of a warrior and a priestess joined by the love that links their very souls.


Whispers in the Stars
by Patricia Waddell

Love Spell
October 1, 2002
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505525224
EAN #9780505525222
320 pages
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