"Superb military science fiction romance"

United Airlines Flight 58 is making its normal run from Honolulu to San Francisco when the plane's blip suddenly vanishes from the traffic control radar system. The follow-up search proves worthless since no wreckage, debris, or bodies are found. The government concludes that the Pacific swallowed up the entire crashed jet. The family of flight crew First Officer Jordan Cady mourns their loss except for her daughter Boo who believes her mother still lives somewhere in air.

The Alliance starship "Savior" patrols their territory perimeter on alert for Talagar invaders. Savior "swallowed" the 747, but not before a global catastrophe occurred. The starship commander dispatches his adopted son, Ko Vantaar-Morey, to meet with the plane's survivors. The commander hopes that interfacing with the frightened earthlings will lift Ko spirits from being a Talagar POW for two years and having suffered the worst defeat in the Alliance's war with the Talagar Empire. Though she feels he abducted her and he believes they rescued her, Ko and Jordan begin to fall in love. However, neither knows the truth that will soon test their loyalties to their respective people.

CONTACT is a superb military science fiction romance loaded with action that will persuade the reader that a real interstellar war is ongoing. Talk about star-crossed romances, the attraction between the vulnerable lead duet is smoothly facilitated though his demons and her mourning for Boo should have hindered their love from growing. Still Ms. Grant provides a strong tale that cross genre fans will rank as a star fleet commander.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted October 4, 2002


A beautiful co-pilot faces a terrible choice when her plane is hijacked on a late-night flight over the Pacific. Can she trust the dark-eyed stranger who has seized both her plane and her heart?

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by Susan Grant

Love Spell
October 1, 2002
Available: October 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524996
EAN #9780505524997
384 pages
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