"A "Gift" and a testament to love"

Jordan Raven had her first ghostly experience at the age of four when her grandfather died. She didn't fully understand the concept of death at that time, but she knew somehow that he was in a better place. Later that night while she slept, her grandfather visited her, she wasn't afraid; in fact she smiled and welcomed him. Her vision of him was clear; there was a bright purplish white light that surrounded him and he wore a white suit that was so bright that it appeared blue. He floated towards her with his arms extended, and a smile on his face. When he was just about four feet in front of her, he spoke to her and the words he said, she would never forget for as long as she lived. "Take care of your mother Jordan. You will face some very difficult moments in your lifetime, but I'm here to tell you that I'll be here for you. I love you." Then he disappeared.

Jordan experienced several other visits from friends and family members who had "passed on" all appearing in dreams within a few years of each other. Some spoke to her while others didn't. Those who did speak told her that they were doing well but the strangest thing of all was, they all repeated what her grandfather had said years ago. "You will have some difficult moments in your lifetime."

When Jorie first met Martin he was a sophomore in college and she was a freshman. He stood out amongst all of the other guys on campus and she remembered the first time that she looked into his emerald green eyes thinking how confident and friendly he looked. Almost every morning they would arrive in the college parking lot around the same time. He'd look over at her as if he knew she'd be there. He'd smile and then run off to catch up with his friends. Then one morning he finally gotten up the nerve to approach her and ask her out on a date, she accepted, and from that day on Jordan and Martin became inseparable... soul mates! They fell in love and dated all through college, brought their first house together, and were talking about marriage. Whenever Martin had to leave to go out in the morning he would leave Jorie a little love note on the windowsill telling her how much he loved her. Everything was right with their world until that tragic night in October. It was a night that should have been one of celebration; a night that should have been one of the happiest nights of their lives. Instead it would be the night that turned Jorie's whole world upside down. In the blink of an eye two lives are changed forever!

Ms. Leese has written a beautiful and haunting love story that draws you in from the first chapter to the last page turned. I can't compliment her enough on a job well done. Her story had me riveted, and eager through my tears to finish. Yes tears that I could not help but shed in joy as well as sadness. If you are in the mood for a truly touching and heart felt read, then I invite you to read, "NOTES ON THE WINDOWSILL" The best way to describe this story is to say that it's a "Gift" and a testament to love. It deserves a re-read and will be added to my keeper shelf. I look forward to reading more from this talented author!

Charlene Smith © Copyright September 2002

ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted October 3, 2002


After losing Martin Corbette, her to-be-fiancé, Jordan (Jorie) Raven struggles to get her life back together. Is there a future for Jorie? Why does Martin visit her in dreams & leaves her notes on the windowsill? Does he have something to tell her? Furthermore, who is the handsome dark-haired stranger?


Notes On The Windowsill
by Jennifer L. B. Leese

Zumaya Publications
September 8, 2002
ISBN #1894869613
241 pages
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