"Love lost & found in gripping tale of post American Civil War"

This emotion grabbing tale will draw you into an understanding of the time and people.

Dr. Dru Talbot and Sara had only one night of marriage before the Civil War and the Confederacy took him away. Sara was devastated when she was told Dru was dead but found a way to go on with life. Unfortunately her choice was a Union soldier who lied and deserted her and she now returns to her sister-in-law's home penniless and with an illegitimate daughter. Much to her shock, Dru is not dead, but returns to town the next day. He is devastated and furious over what he sees as Sara's betrayal. When the townsfolk including the newspaper emphatically reject Sara for her past choices, Dru must make some choices of his own. Then a yellow fever epidemic strikes and the dedication to those in need overcome prejudices of war for most involved. But is this new-found understanding enough to repair the damage war and pride have done to their marriage?

In this gripping tale of post American Civil War, Ms Landis brings to focus the actual division between families and neighbors that remained as well as the social and moral standards of the times. The social ostracism and scornful label of "fallen woman" and "traitor" are sorrowful facts of life in 1866. The joys and sorrows and healing from the scars of war are woven into a dramatic love story that you won't want to miss reading.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted October 3, 2002


One of the most beloved authors in women's fiction today, Jill Marie Landis touches the heart as she illuminates every exhilarating page with natural warmth and tenderness. Now, in her stirring new novel, Landis takes readers to a place where pride can be as unforgiving as the past and finding the courage to love again will be nothing short of a miracle.

On the eve of the Civil War, Sara Collier marries the dashing Dru Talbot, just before he rides off to join the Confederate army. But fate cuts short their chance for happiness when Dru dies tragically on the battlefield. As a widow, Sara rises above her grief, refusing to mourn her life away. But one wrong choice made with an open heart takes her away from her hometown -- and challenges Sara in ways she never imagined. Though she returns to Magnolia Creek an outcast, the sorrow in her life makes her stronger.

A year after the war has ended, battle-scarred surgeon Dru Talbot surprises everyone when he returns home, clinging to the dream of starting over with his bride. Yet nothing could have prepared Dru for the truth that awaits him in Magnolia Creek. Heartbroken, Dru tries to forgive the shadows of the past. Unable to surrender the only man she has ever loved, Sara dreams of rekindling the passion they once shared, turning betrayal into reconciliation.

Written with rare beauty and emotion, Magnolia Creek is a heartfelt lesson in second chances - and a moving celebration of life's most precious gifts.


Magnolia Creek
by Jill Marie Landis

Ballantine Books
July 30, 2002
ISBN #0345440412
400 pages
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