"Enthusiasm and humor take this story line a step above ordinary"

While reading this story you experience two separate stories that in the finale combine for an exquisitely satisfying ending.

Baldric deLacey and Gilliam Marrick's love came to a tragic end during the reign of King Edward II. In present day Slocum, Indiana, Sydney Vaughn has been dreaming more and more of Gilliam and Baldric. Sydney believes she is the reincarnation of Gilliam and when security expert Baldwin D. Lacey known as Winn, comes to install a security system in her home she recognizes that he is Baldric... and faints.

While Winn believes she is a bit crazy, he finds himself feeling more than desire for this purple-clothed sword collector. He is here as a favor to her eccentric aunt and he will not leave until he is sure that Sydney is safe. How he got to arguing with her in front of the whole town about making love in a past life, he'll never figure out, but it made him an enemy of the local Sheriff who wishes to marry Sydney. Now the whole town is involved and it is anyone's guess how things will end for this trio. Will they repeat the past or will the present bring the lovers together?

First let me say I do not particularly like reincarnation themes as they tend to depend too much on predestiny. In KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS the authors have successfully avoided this cliché and have written an intriguing tale where the actions of the characters although definitely influenced by the past are not dominated by it.

The interesting twists of fate and enjoyable characters take this story line a step above ordinary. There is an enthusiasm and humor revealed throughout the writing that makes KNIGHT OF MY DREAMS a pleasure to read. When you reach the ending, there was a revelation you will find a fascinating way to close this love story. (For those who usually read the ending first, avoid doing it with this book.)

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted October 3, 2002


Haunted by a recurring dream of a desperate knight and maiden, Sydney Vaughn is convinced she is witnessing a past life. As history begins to repeat itself, convincing ex-cop and cynic Winn Lacey that they share the souls of ill-fated medieval lovers becomes a matter of life or death.

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Knight of My Dreams
by C. B. Scott

Imajinn Books
November 15, 2002
ISBN #1893896854
282 pages
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