"A Time Travel that has it all...Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!"

Charleston, South Carolina - 1783

Privateer, Declan O'Shea, had waited out a war to claim the treasure he'd buried on a remote island off of Florida's southern coast. He and his crew would depart with the setting sun. The Irish sea captain could barely suppress his anticipation as his ship, Lady Liberty, bobbed in the harbor. He was almost to the end of the dock when he heard his name being hissed by an elderly gypsy woman.

Declan had thought her harmless and though he hadn't time to humor her, he didn't mind contributing a coin to her purse, after all he would soon have all the riches he'd ever dreamed of. But he becomes wary when the when the woman insists that he must choose his destiny from a handful of trinkets she carries in her basket. He is spooked when she reveals her knowledge of his quest, and tells him to choose wisely for his life may depend upon it. He refuses, but when the old woman thrusts her trinkets into his chest, he becomes befuddled, and as he pulls away a finger hooks on a medallion. Declan's amulet bears the face of a lovely lady. He is told that he has made the perfect choice. He thinks to cast it into the sea, but as he raises his arm to do so, a strange pulsing emanates from the piece, filling him with a strange anticipation. Instead he places it around his neck. Later, as a storm like no other in his experience savaged his ship, he clutched it tightly in his hand. He was still holding it when a wall of water twice as high as the ship struck it. Declan's world turned black. He would not see the light for more than two centuries.

Sunset Key, Florida - 2002

Libby Grayson has recently returned to the quiet island with her five year old son in tow, to make a new life for them both. She had left home years ago to attend college in New York City. There she had landed employment as a book keeper in a bank, and fallen in love with a man of fairytale looks, no substance, and equally empty promises. Brett Ritter had left her seven year's later, an unmarried single parent, and sadly disillusioned about men, particularly the charming irresponsible types. Her introduction to Declan O'Shea is not auspicious.

To ponder the sad state her life and her of her grandfather's books, Libby walks along her favorite cove. She is soon swamped with memories. Suddenly she realizes that the tide is lower than she's ever seen it. Entering an opening in the newly exposed rock, Libby makes a startling discovery....a man lying lifelessly on a ledge just above the water level. Attempting to rouse him, she notices a broken medallion around his neck. She had discovered the other half outside the cave and had pocketed it. It is only when she joins the two halves that the man rouses. Coincidence?

Taking in his ragged appearance Libby can only assume that Declan is a drifter, intent on bilking the senior citizens of Sunset Key of their money, or worse....a fugitive from the law. Taking in her scanty attire, Declan can only assume that Libby is a light skirt he's recently dallied with, intent on robbing him of his purse. Reality was a shock. Had he truly slept away more than two hundred years?

To his credit Declan adapts quickly to his new circumstances. He is accustomed to hard work, and is more than willing to earn his keep. He soon has the elderly islanders eating out of the palm of his hand. Libby's son idolizes him. Only she remains wary, though she is far from immune from his charms. Libby fights her wayward emotions, even while her body craves his closeness.

Though the lovely Libby has borne a child out of wedlock, a fact the would have ruined her in his time, Declan realizes quickly that she is not a woman of loose virtue. He wants her, and it becomes his mission to have her for as long as he stays. She is as vital to him as the air he breathes, and he knows that to realize his dream he must trust her with his tale. In spite of the fact that he is honest, hard working, kind to children and the elderly, and she is crazy about him, Libby is reluctant to believe his outrageous story. Deep in her heart she knows that if she loves him she must believe him, but if his tale is true Declan would soon be sailing out of their lives for good.

Nature strikes again, threatening the island and everyone's hopes for the future. Is it the hand of fate? What kind of future would Libby and Declan have if it wasn't spent together? Is it possible that he has been seeking his treasure in the wrong place? Could he convince Libby to follow her heart rather than her head, and share with him a life of love, far more precious any gold?

SAY YOU'RE MINE is one of those truly romantic tales, filled with wit and charm that leaves the reader euphoric. For a down home, feel-good, time travel read with liberal laughs, I highly recommend it.

Leslie Tramposch - Copyright 2002
For PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 1, 2002



Not another nut case.

That's all Libby Grayson can think when she meets devastatingly handsome Irishman Declan O'Shea. She's had some bad luck with unstable men, but this takes the cake. It isn't just that the roguish hunk says he knows where there's a buried treasure...or that he swears the medallion he wears is a magical amulet given to him by a gypsy...or that he confessed during a night of amazing, toe-curling passion that he's really an Irish sea captain, swept onto Libby's Florida beach after a shipwreck more than two centuries ago. It's that the guy honestly believes every word of it.

Worse than that, Libby is starting to believe it, too...


Say You're Mine
by Judi McCoy

Zebra Books
September 1, 2002
ISBN #0821771426
EAN #9780821771426
320 pages
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