"A well-crafted fantasy story"

Once upon a time, there was a young elf prince named Stefan, whose mother loved him very much. Unfortunately, she was killed in a terrible attack to which he was a witness and he was left alone, friendless, clutching an amulet that rendered him invisible so long as he kept it in his hand.

Many years later, crippled through an incident where he saved the life of his master, Prince Roland, Stefan has lost all memory of who he is or what he was. All he knows is that he is bound through loyalty to Roland, who seeks pleasure and adventure over the mundane tasks of learning to run the kingdom he will inherit. When the opportunity to find a little excitement occurs, through a trip downriver with a merchant raft, Roland jumps at the chance, making secret plans of his own to abandon the party. Unfortunately, spies have learned of the prince's activities and seek to seize him for their own purposes. Only Stefan and Collyn Silverbrook, second-in-command of the merchant's raft can save the young prince from the bandits that attack them once they are on the river.

Fortunately, while Stefan is hurt, Roland and Collyn do manage to get the three of them away to safety. Roland knows that his father will worry about him once he hears of the raft's destruction and leaves the injured Stefan behind while he takes a shortcut home through a forbidden forest. There he meets the elves who give the forest its reputation, their king -- and their princess! Stefan, of course, follows him, only to discover that these are his family and Roland now finds his faithful servant is as much royalty as he is. Meanwhile, Lord Norfulk, who was responsible for Stefan's mother's death and the attack on the river raft, sits in his castle and plans his next evil deed.

From their adventures the two princes learn much of the need for steadfastness and for taking responsibility for your actions. While a sweet romance, mostly due to the ages of the principle characters, when these young men meet the ladies of their future, it is clear that love will be coming...if only in the next book.

The Blood that Binds is a well-crafted fantasy story, rich in detail and characterization. I enjoyed the adventure, and the care that was taken in creating the many people, and the world that they lived in.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted September 24, 2002


The slumbering camp exploded into chaos as eerie spine- shivering cries ripped the night asunder. Terrified, the boy jerked upright, heart thundering in his ears as his gaze skittered about wildly. Disoriented at being yanked from a sound sleep, the prince clambered to his feet, calling fearfully for his mother. There was no answer.

As the young elven prince, Steavil, watches in horror, his mother is slain by the evil Norfulk Roderickson. Fleeing for his life, he strikes his head and is knocked unconscious.

Cut off from everything and everyone, Steavil's life takes a drastic shift. He is found by the king of a neighboring realm and raised, as Stefan, to be the page of its prince, Roland. Although he remembers nothing before the rescue, Stefan knows something is missing in his life, and he longs for the freedom he once knew.

When Roland convinces the king to let them travel on a routine trading expedition and their raft is attacked and burned, Stefan experiences flashes of disquieting déjà vu as the events swirl about him.

When Prince Roland resolves to return home alone, Stefan watches from the trees as the prince is captured by the legendary elves. Will Stefan be able to rescue the prince? Will he remember his own past?


The Blood that Binds
by Rie Sheridan

Novel Books, Inc.
December 24, 2001
ISBN #1931696845
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