"Both stories are extremely well written, HOT and STEAMY!"

Celeste Carson and her sister Corinne are both successful writers. For the last ten years, Corinne has written sexy romantic fantasies of swordplay and magical dragons that are centered around her hero, Mykhayl, while Celeste has been writing science fiction about her hero Jarred Varrain, a human with cybernetic implants. But now she had grown tired of writing about him. Celeste is convinced that there is no other direction in which to take her character and wants to try her hand at something new. So after ten years Celeste has decided to "bump" Jarred off!

Both Mykhayl and Jarred have somehow managed to escape the scrapes and life threatening situations that these two sisters have placed them into, time after time for years. Each sister thinking that she has created the make believe universe that she had written about. (Are they ever in for a shock, for not only do both of these universes exists, but each man as well! And both are aware of how the sister's have plotted their lives... and revenge is going to be so sweet!)

Through a magical spell and an explosion of light, both men appear in the girl's living room. With a demonic grin and a look of pure anticipation on their faces, they know that the moment they had long awaited is now at hand. When Celeste and Corinne finally realize that Jarred and Mykh are the "real deal", all hell breaks loose, Mykhayl's first attempt to get a hold of Corinne isn't too successful. She puts some Kung-Fu moves on him and lands him flat on his sexy bottom, but that won't play a second time.

Each man decides that the best way to handle these two is to take them back with them to their worlds. But hey, it might not be all that bad, two sexy men oozing sex appeal... hmmm, this does not sound too bad at all!

CAPTIVE DREAMS has both Angela's "Bound By The Dream" and Diane's "Bound By The Dragon," and all I can say is that these two talented writers pulled it off magnificently. The two stories meshed together so well, that it was well worth the wait, not to mention the sling in the "Tasting Room" and how can I ever forget "Brutus!" Ladies this story is not to be missed, and I know I will do a re-read... as soon as I get some more Lemon Sorbet!

I loved this story as it was extremely well written, HOT and STEAMY! The characters seemed to jump from the pages, and I found it very hard to put down ...except for the times when I shamelessly teased my fellow readers. I highly recommend you read, "Captive Dreams" by Angela Knight and Diane Whiteside. At Ellora's Cave, this book is rated NC-17

Charlene Smith Copyright August 2002 For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Charlene Smith
Posted September 24, 2002


Writers Celeste and Corinne Carson have each created an ultra-alpha hero who stars in each sister's highly successful series of novels. Celeste writes of the future and her hero Jarred. Corinne writes of the barbarian Mykhayl. Both heroes are adventurers in their respective times, hot sexy lovers, and, as it turns out...quite real and very angry about everything their creators have forced them to do.

Jarred and Mykhayl are about to exact hot, sweet revenge upon their respective creators. After kidnapping and taking the sisters to the worlds they write of, Jarred and Mykhayl begin Celeste's and Corinne's punishment...

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Captive Dreams
by Angela Knight, Diane Whiteside

Ellora's Cave
August 23, 2002
ISBN #1843600781
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