"A sensual and sensitive futuristic romance you will not want to miss!"

If you loved THE ALLIANCE, you will be delighted to learn that at long last Patricia Waddell had penned a wonderful new futuristic romance. WHISPERS IN THE STARS combines the familiar elements of a politically arranged marriage between a man and woman with opposing goals, and a soul deep connection that refuses to be allayed by their differences.

Zara the young and beautiful queen of the simple, peaceful, agrarian world of Nubria had every reason to be anxious about the bridegroom the Union Council had demanded she wed for her refusal to divulge the location of the rebel soldiers that had crash landed on her planet. Still she could not regret the promise she had made, or the action she'd taken which had broken a pact and ended Nubria's tradition of neutrality. It was an action that would change her world and her culture forever. For the first time Nubria would have a king, a warrior king, who would bring foreign concepts and unwanted technology to his new home.

Nubria had been a matriarchal society from its very beginnings. Zara had not inherited the throne by virtue of her lineage alone. Like every Nubrian queen before her, she had "the gift", the ability to plug into the emotions of others, by using her mind. Her rule was based more on their faith, rather than politics. She was the High Priestess as much as ruler. But her future husband would expect her loyalty as his right. He would expect her to divulge the location of the surviving rebels. They were doomed to be hopelessly at odds. For Zara a promise given is a promise kept. As Logan and the other members of his party of Galactic Guards approach, she cannot help but attempt to forge a link to discover what she can about the man to whom she'd be forever bound.

What she discovered was a man of mind-blowing strength, and determination. She could detect no evil in him. It was enough. There was hope. She could not afford to leave the pathway open. Their link was a two way road, and if Logan ever suspected its existence he might attempt to use it to uncover her secrets.

Logan had no qualms regarding his marriage. He merely wanted it accomplished quickly. It was just another duty for the Commander of the Galactic Guard, a necessary step in his ultimate goal to ferret out the rebel traitors and bring them to justice. He had been born and bred for the military. No mere woman would stand in his way. This mission was personal for him. The rebel leader had once been his friend and a member of the Galactic Guard. The traitor Keelan's lust for power had depleted the Union's resources and its strength. The long civil insurrection had left their federation vulnerable to attack, by the evil Pharmon Empire. He planned to build a watchtower on Nubria, to fortify the Union's eastern most border. There would be no debate, no resistance.

Logan soon realizes his error, for his bride is as determined as she is beautiful. She fully intends to resist his plans, if not the man himself. Their chemistry is clear from the moment their eyes meet, and their physical bond transcends all of Logan's considerable previous experience. Zara is more than agreeable in his arms, but when it comes to his point of view, he has greatly overestimated his powers of persuasion.

Though Logan is frustrated by her conflicting loyalties, he chalks it up to naivety, due to her sheltered existence. An off-world visit convinces Zara of the reality of a Pharmon threat, but not to reveal her own secrets. If only she could find a way to make him understand that he is chasing at shadows, that the rebel threat he envisions does not exist, without breaking her promise. But to do so she must open his heart, teach him to trust, and to love. To do so she must place her trust in him. It would take a leap...of faith.

I love a good battle of the sexes, especially when the opponents are equally well armed. Zara is strong, intelligent, honorable and unyielding in her faith. Logan is strong, determined, and extremely passionate. Though their goals are at odds, both realize almost immediately that what passes between them in their most private moments is more than mere lust. It is a bond as unique and precious as Nubria itself. Once again Patricia Waddell has taken two minds that are diametrically opposed, peeled away the layers of pain and doubt, to reveal a pair of soul mates whose devotion will touch your heart. WHISPERS IN THE STARS is a highly sensual romance that I heartily recommend.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted September 14, 2002


The only female sovereign in the galaxy, Lady Zara is descended from women who can telepathically sense people's emotions. But her gift feels more like a curse as she faces the raw strength of her betrothed—a stranger sent to uncover her secrets, to breach her defenses both as a monarch and a bride. As Commander of the Galactic Guard, Logan has sacked many a stronghold, and the defiant ruler of Nubria will be merely one more conquest. As he schools his new spouse in the ways of passion, though, Logan longs to trust the whispers in the stars that speak of a warrior and a priestess joined by the love that links their very souls.


Whispers in the Stars
by Patricia Waddell

Love Spell
October 1, 2002
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505525224
EAN #9780505525222
320 pages
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