"A classic gothic with balance of history and romance to be a pleasure to read"

When her mother is murdered, Arizanti priestess Lorienne is left tied to a post to either become a slave to Prince Burian --or die.

A second son, Prince Adrik was sold as a baby by his father to a demon; growing up under the demon's watchful eye and knowing that at the eclipse he will die so the demon can take human form. His brother and future king, Prince Burian gives Adrik the near-dead slave as a gift on a whim.

Until Lorienne, Adrik had accepted the prophesy which foretold his fate, but his relationship with her has brought about changes to his heart that he never expected or experienced. Knowing his fate, he had been content to rule his people as best he could and spend time with his only friends, the wolves.

Lorienne's mother had also spoken a prophecy. She foretold that her daughter's fate would rest with a dark prince... and his destiny rested with her. Surrounded by intrigue she did not understand and feeling ill equipped; she vowed to do what she must to make the prophecy from her mother the destiny for their future.

Ms Zimlich's love of history is shown by setting this tale in Median Empire, 585 BC. I know I can trust her historical knowledge to give an accurate picture of this interesting time while entertaining me while weaving an impressive tale of sorcery and love. THE SHADOW PRINCE is almost a classic gothic style with its battle of love over evil... with the added twist that the hero is a sorcerer.

This story has enough romance to satisfy historical romance fans; sorcery enough for the paranormal lovers and suspenseful enough for gothic lovers, but with enough reality not to disappoint ANY of these readers. Ms Zimlich has found the balance that many authors seek and I can recommend this as an all-around satisfying book.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted September 12, 2002


A DARK PACT--The second son of the king, Adrik should have been an honored prince of the Median Empire. Instead, he was sacrificed at birth to his father's lust for power. He became the property of Malkaval--was raised as that great demon's own, and was taught the ways of sorcery. He locked himself away in the gloomy halls of Khorazm, a recluse, never once forgetting his purpose: Someday he would enter the Shadow Realm, trade places with his master, and be damned for eternity.

AN EMBER OF HOPE--His black fate kept Adrik from others. There was no solace for a man like himself--no matter how pwerful he became, what magic he might conjure in the long lonely nights. Then he met a woman--a stunning beauty, blond and magnificent--who streaked into his life like a dying star. And she needed him. The Arizanti priestess was everything he'd ever dreamed of, and she sparked in Adrik a terrible desire for freedom. For the first time, he dared to hope that their love might overcome the darkness.


The Shadow Prince
by Jan Zimlich

Love Spell
September 1, 2002
ISBN #0505524856
EAN #9780505524850
320 pages
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