"A remarkable time travel tale of love, loss, and redemption"

Dominick blamed himself for the death of his wife, Isabella, and their unborn child at the hands of her crazy, jealous, brother Rychard. He hadn't been there for her when Rychard had taken her life, nor had he stood vigil with her while her soul waited to be reclaimed. Dom had sworn never to love again and although the Great One had allowed him to be born over and over again, throughout the succeeding millennium, Dom stubbornly stuck to his guns. Oh he'd trifled with any number of women, causing them to fall in love with him, and leaving Enzo and Ilia (the Great One's left and right hands)to clean up the mess.

When his soul was between lives, he preferred to be called Domitien, or one of his other names, burying the memory of that first time so deep he could no longer recall it. The Great One however, was not yet ready to give up on Domitien and decided to take another tack. Instead of Dom being reborn as he had been in the past, he would be allowed to occupy a grown body, one which bore his visage and whose spirit was due to be recalled. This was necessary because the woman he was destined to love already existed in this time as did the other, the third in their never ending conflict. More importantly Dom would be allowed to retain all the memories of his past lives.

Domitien had overheard Enzo and Ilia discussing the Great One's plans to send him back again. Knowing this to be his last chance to find love, he becomes determined to succeed. Laris was a newly modified soul they all had high hopes for. Dom decides to gain and edge by peaking into the scrying ball at this woman in order to discover who she might have been in his past. He sends her a variety of passionate memories hoping for a response that will divulge her true identity. Laris finds these dreams disturbing and yet she is inexplicably drawn to her dream lover.

Laris Thiessen doesn't need her sleep disturbed at this critical time in her life. She is an accomplished Opera Singer and is pinning all her career hopes on her audition in San Franscisco. But the dreams stir up odd memories of her own, and when her dream man appears at her hotel in the flesh and filled with need, her soul can not help but reach out to him once more. Rychard's current incarnation is as mad as ever and determined to destroy any happiness they might find together, sending them into Death's shadow, and through portals to Dom's various short and empty lives. Both know there is a lesson to be learned from the past but while Dom fears that the horrors of each of his failures will repel Laris, they only evoke her compassion for him. It is clear that her love for him is unconditional, has always been, would always be. There was no question that she deserved his love, but to in order to love another he must learn to love himself. Will he succeed before it is too late?

The concept of reincarnation is a fascinating one. I've always wondered why a soul would not be allowed to benefit from past experiences. It never seemed quite fair. I mean if you learned a lesson in a past life then why shouldn't you be permitted to apply it in the next life. Perhaps these memories are part of the subconscious, that sense of déjà vu, or perhaps what we call our conscience. We will probably never know. This tale paints a vivid picture of what it would be like to relive all of our past joys and pain. The best we can hope for is to release the pain and hold onto the joy with all of our might, and if in fact we only get one chance, don't waste it, make the best of it. Ms. Jackson has penned a remarkable and unique tale of a true love that stands the test of time, and conquers all demons. An excellent read.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted September 10, 2002


Fate took Domitien's wife and unborn child causing him to make a vow that he would never love again. Life after life, Dom was sent back to earth to complete his life cycle. Yet life after life, this vow to hold back his heart held fast. For a thousand years. he did not love... Now The Great One is giving him one last chance to get it right. Escorted by Death, Domitien is taken to San Francisco to meet his destiny.

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by Melanie Jackson

August 1, 2002
Available: August 1, 2002
ISBN #0505525127
EAN #9780505525123
368 pages
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