"Characters were not always likable; but you care about their fate"

Julienne Hunter is a former model, former because a drugged- out, enraged, soon- to-be-ex-husband had taken an acid- dipped razor to her face. Cleaned up from a long addiction to cocaine, her face repaired as much it can be, she discovers that the naked photos of her that her ex was peddling (taken without her knowledge) have been purchased by what is left of her family, the Blackthornes. Julienne's mother had taken her daughter and fled the family when Julienne was but a child and they now want Julienne to return to them. Broke through failed business deals and rehabilitation, Julienne has no choice but to follow their wishes and board an airplane with the ticket sent.

Her cousin, Morgan Saint-Evanston, meets her on arrival. Sparks immediately fly, the sparks of dislike and mistrust, but underneath is something else. Morgan is a complicated man, one minute abrasive, abusive, the next almost charming, as if he can't make up his mind. As we find out, Morgan and Anlese, Julienne's grandmother, aren't exactly what they seem to be, and Julienne's mother had good reason for leaving. Now Julienne is caught up as well, as Morgan reveals who he really is, and how he is caught up in what is actually a battle between other worlds, a battle that has waged for many long centuries. He is, in fact, a guardian intended to protect humanity from those who would destroy it, but after all this time, he doubts his ability to do so.

Echoes of Angels is an extraordinary book. The characters are very well written, excellent characterization. They were not always likable. In fact, Morgan is one of the least likable men I've ever seen in print. But at the same time you don't like him, you care about his fate, and that's just good writing. Same thing for Julienne; she is a deeply flawed person, but her strength and courage keeps the reader hoping that things will work out for her.

The author takes her time with the plot, giving the reader a lot of time to study the characters. There isn't all that much action in this first book, something that I expect will be remedied in the second story. And there will be another installment for Morgan and Julienne...the end of this book makes that essential.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted August 30, 2002


Twenty-one years ago, Cassandra Blackthorne and her daughter, Julienne, fled their family home. Ironically, circumstances lure Julienne Hunter back to her birthplace--Blackthorne Manor in Virginia--and into the clutches of the man her mother hated, Morgan Saint-Evanston. She soon discovers that Blackthorne balances between two worlds, that of mortal reality and the dimensional enigma known as Sclyd. Come Halloween, they will merge and Scyldian entities will be free to hunt the weaker human race for slaves and sacrifices to appease their dragon god, Ouroborous. Destined as a keeper of eternity's gates and protector against the armies of darkness, Julienne's legacy will be costly, for she must sacrifice her soul to save mankind.


Echoes Of Angels: Book I The Keepers Of Eternity Series
by Caitlyn McKenna

Zumaya Publications
May 9, 2002
ISBN #1894869419
306 pages
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