"a science fiction romance with a lot to offer"

Jasmine is hunting her friend in the Alaskan wilds, when an intermittent hot spot between worlds sends her on a one-way trip to another place where the winters are warmer, there are three moons, and the guys are all werewolves. Well, actually they are called haunts, and it seems that her friend Rihlia who she knows as Wiley is one of them. Their princess and married to their king, to be exact.

To make matters more interesting, Jasmine, an otherwise normal young woman, turns out to be a sylph, a human who emits a pheromone irresistible to unmated haunts, including Keilor, the king's cousin, master of the hunt, and the hunkiest guy on this new planet.

Under the circumstances neither Jasmine nor Keilor stand a chance of avoiding each other, especially since Rihlia claims Jasmine as a sister of the heart, and thus a member of the royal family. For a while they try, but it is clear that these women from Earth are in for a lifetime of teasing danger from the new men around them.

Add into the mix some local human types who have symbionts, creatures that can take many forms including motorcycles and hang-gliders; stir in some small giraffe-like animals that are pets, include a host of people out to kill Jasmine for who she is and what she represents... very few of whom are males, though. Oh, and don't forget the hot sex scenes when Jasmine and Keilor finally work out their differences. All in all you have the makings of a science fiction romance with a lot to offer.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted August 30, 2002


Teasing Danger
by Autumn Dawn

New Concepts Publishing
August 1, 2002
ISBN #1586080814
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