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During the Dark Ages in Dunford, Britain, Britta earned a reputation as a healer though followers of the new religion felt she was a disciple of the devil. Everyone feared her, that is except for the Saxon warrior leader Offa. Five years ago he learned about Britta's prowess and raped her to gain her powers. No one came to her aid and Britta fled to Devil's Island, a place where everyone is afraid to step foot. When Britta needs supplies, she visits Dunford to offer healing services in exchange for them.

On a trip to the village, Offa forces Britta to heal his wounded men having just fought against Viking raiders. Included among the injured is Karn, the Viking leader. Offa tortures Karn to obtain information, but Britta manages to free him and take him to her island. Both have suffered at the hands of Offa, but that is not why love has sprung up between the healer and the Viking.

This Dark Ages romance needs to carry a label: not to be read by the faint of heart. The story line is loaded with action and a deep depiction of the era including that of torture and cruelty that will give readers the shivers. DANEGELD is graphically well written with strong characterizations representing a period of violence between Saxons and Viking, and Christians and Pagans. Skillful scribe Susan Squires shows her ability to paint a very interesting saga worth reading by those who relish a crimson Beowulf.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted July 24, 2001


2002 PRISM AWARD Winner:

Witch or saint? That is the question Britta cannot answer as she tries to connect to the mysterious power she lost just as she discovered it. The many gods have not yet faded before the one God in Dark Age Britain, and miracles are still possible. DANEGELD is a carefully researched journey into another time and place, filled with adventure, laced with passion and magic.

All Britta wants is to reclaim her enigmatic gift, lost when Offa, a mighty Saxon thegn, raped her long ago. Karn, proud Viking warrior, is tried of wandering the world. He wants land where he can live in peace. That seems impossible for a fourth son. Their paths collide when Karn and his Vikings raid Britta's village. Offa captures Karn and tortures him. Britta is driven to heal him by a vision she hopes is the return of magic. But she cannot make his body whole. Pursued by Offa into the chaos of a world preparing for the final confrontation between Saxon and Dane, Britta and Karn both journey back from personal devastation to find new kinds of strength. Each must see past a traditional enmity to find their growing attraction to each other. Their struggle to carve a common language and a common destiny echoes the process alive in the land, as Saxon and Dane combine to build the island kingdom that will be called England.


by Susan Squires

Love Spell
July 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524465
EAN #9780505524461
368 pages
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