"Electifiying!...A Veritable Smorgasbord of Betwitching Elements"

Returning home to Pecan Grove, Texas always brought back the bitter memories for true-crime writer
J. T. Drake. He had not forgotten the reason he'd chosen to put some distance between himself and his scientist father. It hadn't been easy growing up the son of Dr. Hershel Drake, widower, aging hippie, and absentminded professor. It might have been easier for the motherless boy to deal with the fact that everyone in town laughed about Pop's eccentricities behind his back if the man had paid half as much attention to his son as he did to his experiments. J. T. had earned a reputation of his own back then. He'd once even attempted to burn down his father's lab, but he'd long since given up trying to gain Pop's attention. Living and working in L.A. gave him a necessary buffer zone, but when Pop's nosy neighbor Mrs. Moody phones him long distance with concerns about the strange smoke that's been coming out of Hershel's laboratory, J. T. rushes home to find out what is going on.

Rather than confront his father face to face, J. T. sneaks into the laboratory to find out what exactly he's been working on. Unfortunately he finds out the hard way when he accidentally trips the mechanism which renders him.....invisible. Unbelievable! As it turns out, Pop had finally successfully recreated a invention he'd developed thirty years ago. The original device had been destroyed by a power hungry member of his research team who had stolen the project notes as well. Revenge had become Pop's obsession, shaping J. T.'s childhood in the bargain. The professor had yet to remember how to reverse the phenomenon.

This is exactly what J. T. did NOT want to hear. Horrified, Hershel calls up his partner, Dr. Roselyn Peabody. Roselyn doesn't feel very sympathetic toward J. T. From all indications he'd neglected his father shamefully, in spite of the fact that the man adored his prodigal son. Hershel's pride in him had been the reason she now owned one of the J. T.'s books. Going by his photo on the book jacket he was a handsome man...when he was visible. At any rate, Hershel had been like a father to her, as J. T. realized with a jealous twinge, and she would do anything she could to help him.

J. T. is less than impressed with Roselyn as well. Her unusual appearance, questionable social skills, and scientific bent give every indication that she and his father are two of a kind. He notes with a twinge of jealousy that Roselyn regarded the Professor as a father figure. She was bound to rub him the wrong way. Sparks fly, but it isn't long before he's encouraging Rosie to rub him any way she wants!

Electrifying! Fan's of Ms. Archer's works have come to expect strange things to happen to her characters, but SHOCKING BEHAVIOR is not a single faceted read by a long shot. Instead it treats the reader to a veritable smorgasbord of bewitching elements. If you pick up a copy, you won't be able to put it down. I couldn't. The unique situation of having a love affair with an invisible man would have been quite enough to make the book fascinating, (talk about a challenge), however Ms. Archer adds humor in the form of Mrs. Moody, who is this story's equivalent of Gladys Kravitz, as well as Rosie's unusual and eclectic family. Intrigue gets its turn when it becomes apparent that the most expedient way of getting J. T. back to normal is to recover the professor's original notes. With all that, both J. T. and Rosie were still given time to experience emotional growth. Given all the facts and a great deal of introspection, J. T. is able to put the past behind him and heal the breach with his father. Roselyn, who had always been out of step, blossoms nourished by J. T.'s admiration and affection. Awesome.

Copyright 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 24, 2002


True-crime writer J.T. Drake becomes invisible after the fateful push of a button on a secret invention. Scientist Roselyn Peabody is his only hope of becoming normal again. But while Rosy works to help him regain his image, J.T. plots to dazzle her with his sex-appeal. When J.T. finally materializes, will their sizzling chemistry disappear or reveal itself as true love?


Shocking Behavior
by Jennifer Archer

Love Spell
August 1, 2002
ISBN #0505525070
EAN #9780505525079
320 pages
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